Sunday, 30 September 2012

Pats Win

The Patriots finally won today.  52-28 over the Bills.  It was much like a delightful chocolate covered almond.  Shiny and really good looking from the outside, the chocolate sure is tasty, yet, the almond aftertaste leaves something to be desired.  So is the story with the Pats from this afternoon.

Yummy:  The offense put it together in the 2nd half scoring 45 points.  This was something to see.  We appear to have a running game, words I thought I would never utter.  Bolden looked spectacular in gashing the Bills defense for over a hundred yards.  He showed some great speed and a nasty streak in his touchdown run.  Ridley also hit the century mark and continued his strong play.  Two running backs with over a hundred yards is a rare feat in the NFL.  Gronk reappeared after last weeks freeze out catching 5 for 104 yards and a score.  The offense was spectacular in quarters 3 and 4, hopefully they can keep it flowing. The defensive front seven was solid again.  Wilfork hit Jones into next week.  Brutal.

Ick:  Another slow start by the offense.  Fumbles.  Miscues.  To much Woodhead.  Is the unit still adjusting to McDaniels?  Or is he to blame for the mad scientist starts?  Although the Patriots had a late interception the secondary was again shredded.  Especially over the middle.  These areas need to be addressed because the schedule ahead looks tough starting next week with Denver.

Overall today was positive.  Questions abound in some areas.  The main thing to take out of the game is that the offense finally showed some killer instinct.  Brady in particular must be pleased with the running game and  showed some fire with his "f###k these b##ches" rant caught on camera.

Team Gagan News

Getting stomped so far this week.  Down 20 pts with a player to go for each team.  Will concede the loss.  Due to injuries put Moore in a wr opposite Thomas.  Had to start Pitta at flex.  He produced nil.  Everyone else had below to average games.  Thinking I need a new kicker, one not from the Titans, from a team that consistently puts up points.  Eyeing Bryant from the Falcons.  Also going to put in a claim on Hartline, had a huge day at wr for the Dolphins.  I am sure he will be claimed on the wire before me.  The win streak is over.  A sad day indeed.

College Football

BC hung in with Clemson for a bit.  In the end speed won out.  Impressed with the BC qb Rettig, he is putting up some stats this year.
Texas impressed with some late drives to win in Stillwater.
So tired of Big Ten football.  Please get those games off the air.
West Virginia won 70-63 over Baylor.  Are you kidding me?  Two receivers with over 300 yards.  Florence was unreal only outdone in terms of yardage and scores by Geno Smith.  Eight touchdowns for Smith.  Techmo Bowl.  It will be interesting to see what West Virginia does this week versus Texas, a team with a defense.
Geno Smith strikes me as an Andre Ware type.  A system quarterback.  It will be interesting to see his value come the NFL draft.  The Heisman appears to be his to lose.
Next week should be an exciting week.  South Carolina v. Georgia.  LSU v Florida.  WVU v. Texas.  Miami v. Notre Dame.  Once again the pretenders will be weeded out from the contenders.  Looking forward to it.

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