Tuesday, 25 September 2012

GoldenGate N The Pigskin Week

Wow!  The final play of the Packers/Seahawks game was shocking to say the least.  A clear interception by Jennings was somehow awarded a Seattle touchdown by Golden Tate.  Farcical.  First of all Tate clearly pushes off, Jennings catches the ball, falls with possession, Tate wraps up Jennings and the ball, and two refs throw up contradictory calls.  Fine.  Horrendous.  Sent to review.  Result is a touchdown.  Seems like the zebras wanted to escape Seattle with their lives.  Absolutely insane.
I can't fault the stripes on this one.  These fellas are not qualified to officiate in the NFL.  The games are getting a bit painful to watch as the officials cannot keep up with the play.  Lost.  Dazed. Confused.  Thanks NFL.
What happens if the Packers miss the playoffs because of last nights loss?

Anyways on to my teams.  The Giants shocked me.  I thought this was a loss and a coming out party on national television for Cam Newton.  Roll New York.  Nicks and Bradshaw were easily replaced by capable backups and Cam Newton had a stinker displaying Cutleresque body language.  Looks like Newton is a bit overvalued but I did enjoy Steve Smith calling him out for his behaviour.

The Patriots raised lots of questions in their loss to the Ravens.  First of all props to Torey Smith for the a great performance in trying times following the loss of his brother.  Again the officiating was awful.  The field goal seemed good to me.  Enough about that, this was not a game the Pats should have lost.  Can the Pats still close out games?  The play calling?  Welker and Brady were had good games.  No calls for Gronkowski?  Best tight end in the league gets three targets.  I understand he needs to help out with the blocking against the Ravens.  Do we not have a blocking tight end on the roster?  The plethora of second half carries for Woodhead?  Still scratching my head over the blown lead.  The defense is also looking a bit suspect.  Corners that cant cover.  Seems familiar.  No pass rush either.  I mean Flacco floated a few throws in the fourth quarter and McCourty and Arrington couldn't make the plays.  The season is early, the losses could have easily been wins, the results are sure to improve, but I would like to see this team put it all together like I have grown accustomed to.

League super bowl contenders so far are as follows.
NFC: Giants(continue to plug in players and win), Niners(everyone can have a stinker), Packers(got robbed)
AFC: Patriots(only three games in), Ravens(all on Flacco), Texans(have a suspicion they win it all)
The Falcons are getting lots of love but I don't see it.  Produce in January.  Otherwise they still are the Charges of the NFC to me.

Finally and most importantly Team Gagan is on a streak.  Two in a row. Yup. Yup.  By three points. I was sweating this one out.  Got Lafell(a dud, thanks Cam Newton), Bush(ok performance), and Pitta(starting at the flex this week for sure) off waivers this week.  Lafell and Thomas produced zilch at the wr position.  Gronk was rendered invisible by the Pats offensive coordinator.  My opponent had Brady and I have Gronk.  Sunday night was a trip balancing my love for the Patriots with the goals of Team Gagan.  Had to wait out the Packers game on Monday night to see how Jennings did for my foe.  Thankfully he didn't blow up fantasywise and the W was mine. For this week I put in a claim for the Cardinals d/st,  these guys make plays and the Jets d/st will suffer without Revis.  Shonn Greene and Lafell are headed to the bench with Pitta and Moore taking their places.  Bush becomes a starting running back and should produce with Forte hurt.  Not sure whether to trust or start Nicks and Bradshaw coming off injuries this week.  Hard decisions, think Nicks would be a safer choice.  Hmm, probably should just leave things.  I would like to applaud myself for starting RG3 over Vick.  RG3 turned it on late, pleasing his owner, and Vick is a hit away from the sideline either through injury or benching.  Loving life, tied for the overall league lead.

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