Tuesday, 25 September 2012

College Football

Saturday Night was mind blowing.  Four great games on all at once.  Went and saw Trouble With the Curve at the movies and hurried home to catch some of the games.  FSU turned it on late to down Clemson.  The Seminoles seem legit after that win.  Or are they going to choke against a lesser opponent as they have for the last decade?  KSU beat the Sooners.  Didn't see enough of this one to gauge anything but as always the Sooners and Landry Jones are overrated and folded.  Oregon was impressive is shutting out Arizona.  LSU looked beatable versus Auburn.  Seems to be Alabama at the top with a slim chance of being challenged this year by Oregon or FSU in the title game.  Does feel good to know that the SEC has one dominant team and the others like Georgia and LSU should fall off before the season is out.
One of my teams Notre Dame won against Michigan.  The Irish appear to be turning things around under Brain Kelly.  They will not be a national title contender any time soon but things are on the upswing.  The talent and play of the defense and in particular the front seven are impressive.  Quarterback play is adequate with the developing platoon situation.  The running backs, Wood and Riddick, are strong.  A once daunting schedule seems less fierce with the struggles of Oklahoma and USC.  Who knows maybe this can be a two loss season.
Boston College is who I thought they were.  Yikes.  Not very good. Coach Spaziani is on the hot seat.  With the inability to recruit against the big boys of college football the Eagles can only hope to be relevant when a once in a decade player comes along like Matt Ryan.  That was a fun season!  Perhaps a new coach can turn things around.

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