Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Week One pt2

Yep. I lost week one to GraySJ.  Bummed.  Lost by eight points.  Brutal.  Ashamed. Why did I make all those changes?  My game was the closest margin of victory in the league.  My leading scorer was the Jets defense.  Excited for more turnovers and scores from the Jets D and special teams but geez the boys didn’t perform.
                Michael Vick was horrendous, throwing far too many picks, and almost throwing another pick on the play before his winning touchdown pass.  Unbelievable.  He’s a veteran, right?  Meanwhile Robert Griffin, herein know as Bob, pulled a Newton.  Truly a great effort in his first NFL game, wow. 
This week Vick will be on the bench for me, (plays a stout Baltimore defense) and Bob will get the start.              
                Before week one I picked up Rashad Jennings to offset the Jones-Drew conundrum.  Jennings gets hurt and MJD ends up getting lots of carries and performing well for someone who just reported.  The unforeseeable!  That’s what this fantasy is all about I guess.  Shocking news alert!  MJD will start this week. 
                Starting Heyward-Bey over Shonn Greene was also a poor decision.  Greene was an above average performer and it appears McFadden will get most of the touches for the Raiders.  You guessed it.  Greene starts this week. 
                All in all many positives to be taken out last week. Gronkowski and Thomas looked good.  The point totals should rise for Team Gagan when a couple of things happen.  Everyone performs as expected.  Nicks and a few others who are a bit banged up recover.  And when the meddling coach/gm stops freaking out and

                Having giving my opinions on the Giants game in Part One I will now address my other favourite teams first game.  The Patriots looked strong versus the Titans.  Stevan Ridley was a revelation at running back.  A strong slashing runner Ridley amassed over a hundred yards.  It had been years since such a memorable performance by a Patriots runner.  The running game, when functioning well, makes the Pats almost unstoppable because of the receiving weapons Tom Brady has to play with.  However, I can’t help but wonder, thus cursing my team, if Brady’s best clutch performances are behind him.  Has he lost his edge?  That rare ability he had to will his team to victory on the biggest stage.  Is Eli Manning and recent playoff failures in his head?  Will it matter if they are?  Can the Patriots win without Brady at his apex?
                The Pats defense was uplifting to watch.  Last year in particular was a mess for them on that side of the ball.  Ugh.  Painful.  Sunday was an indication that the D is much improved.  Arrington and the secondary might finally seem to be coming of age.  The two top draft picks Jones and Hightower combined on a forced fumble and touchdown.  It was an amazing play lifting the spirits of Pats fans all over the globe.  The future seems bright for the defense. 
                It will be very interesting to see what the Pats do this year.  The AFC seems a bit week this year.  The Jets and the Peyton Manning led Broncos surprised in week one.  Houston and Baltimore seem like real threats to take the conference crown.  In the NFC the Niners took week one stomping on the Packers. 
                Week One brings so much anticipation and joy for the football fan.  I was glued to the tube for most of Sunday.  Catching the endings of the close early games was a treat.  The Lions despite winning seem to me like good picks to disappoint this year.  Expect an uproar in Eagle land if that type of performance continues.  Arizona could pile up some victories given the talent on that roster if they had someone inspiring to throw the ball.  Is Cam Newton destined for a sophomore slump? 
                Week One was a blast and Week Two is coming for us all!  

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