Saturday, 8 September 2012

Week One pt1


Well.  There was some long term good news.  Maurice Jones Drew reported to camp.  I fretted for days over his absence and made some bold moves that will in all likelihood come back to bite me.  I picked up Rashad Jennings off waivers due to the Jones conundrum I was in.  Jennings should get plenty of touches in Week 1 and with a horrendous Gabbert playing quarterback for the Jags should produce.  I dumped Michael Bush in order to take on Jennings.  The move essentially is Bush v. Jennings.  I have since learned that Bush will be the Bears goal line back.  That means touchdowns. Damm.  I guess it will come down to injury replacement odds, Forte or Jones-Drew.  Missing the preseason and its injury risk will hopefully help MJD. 
I also changed my flex starter for the opener versus GraySJ.  Heyward-Bey is starting replacing Shonn Greene.  Definite coach bias with this one, I hate the Jets.  However, all of the Raider receivers seem to be banged up and Darrius seems to be healthy.  The Raiders and Carson Palmer want to air it out, face a poor Chargers D, this one should pay off.
The league is now all about passing so going with a wideout at the flex position makes sense.  My worries are the wide receivers on my opponents team for week one.  GraySJ has Fitzgerald, Jones, and Marshall.  I have Nicks, Thomas, and Heyward-Bey.  Yup.  No real comparison here.  Praying for a miracle here, Thomas and Heyward-Bey need to break out this year

NYG v. DAL Sept 5th

Dallas won this one and deserved the victory.  Romo was impressive producing on throws from outside the pocket.  Ogletree and the lack of Giants depth in the secondary were the stories of the game.  Looks like Dallas has found its #3 receiver.  Bryant and Murray also had impressive season debuts for the Cowboys. 
The Giants as they do every year started out slow.  Shocking.  No one on the roster besides the front seven on defense impressed.  Victor Cruz dropped several balls.  Think celebrity has gotten to his head.  My two players were duds.  Hakeem Nicks caught four balls for thirty-eight yards.  He is still a bit nicked up but that doesn’t help me.  Bradshaw redeemed the night at the end with a 33yd scamper, a fist pump moment.  His touchdown was also great but he rushed for about eighty yards and was stymied for most of the night.  It was tough to watch but onto Sunday. 
The experience of watching a game with my fantasy players involved was noteworthy.  I am a Giants fan and they sputtered.  It was painful at times, especially with my fantasy players involved.  Divided attention became the theme of the night.  Rooting for your team v. rooting for individual players.  It was tough, my mind constantly wandered.  I felt guilty at times.  Was I giving the Giants enough focus?  As twitchy as the night became I enjoyed myself and hope for better results on the weekend. 

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