Friday, 7 September 2012

Mega Deal

A day after the megadeal one question comes to the forefront for me.  What if this type of deal had always been possible? Think of it. We could have jettisoned many a scorned signing or even made up for ridiculous re-ups and extensions. Tom Brunansky, Andre Dawson, J.D Drew, Nick Esasky, and a whole slew of Gorman/Duquette affronts could have been wiped from our minds in a timely manner.  The past is always with us.  Witness the media furor and the fan base grumbling over the last year.  In the end the Red Sox and their fans are in a better place today.  Wings and beer be dammed. 
Dumping a quarter billion dollars on the Dodger’s is a magical reset for the Sox.  This wasn’t working, that much we know.  Gonzalez had value and will rake with his new team.  Perhaps the 2012 MLB Playoffs will be rough on us as Gonzo, in the comforts of Southern California, performs in the postseason.  However, we turned on him last fall and he like us knew the bridge had been burned.  In Boston he wasn’t going to turn it around and endear himself.  Given the media and fervor of the nation, Boston would never be is cup of chowder.  Great player, good luck, and this was probably part of Gods plan.
Beckett.  Beckett. Beckett.  Everything must end.  Josh didn’t get it.  Mr. Gopher Ball was Clemenish is his stubbornness Childish behaviour became the norm with the Texan.  Cancerous his golf trip demeanour rubbed off on the rest of the pitching staff.  All that aside, his best years seem to be in the rear view mirror.  Was the salary still justifiable?   Perhaps he finds it again, but, Josh does not seem to have the makeup of a thrower capable of performing at high level well into his thirties.
Carl Crawford, we never knew you.  That’s too bad.  If not for the injuries, we might have had something.  In the end, you didn’t want to be here.  This market ate you alive.  Sensitive guys need not apply, the stories of you not wanting to be here in the first place were startling, but again, why come here, Carl?
Punto. Whatever!
The reset button has been pressed.  The era of two World Series titles is officially over.  Theo Epstein saw it coming, jumping ship at the perfect time.  Even Francona can’t be surprised by all of this.  The salary race with the Yankees had to end and it has.  Hopefully, Werner and Henry have learned their lesson and will focus on other pursuits.  Owners should never make personnel decisions. 
Cherrington? Luchinno?  Who is in charge?  I for one would love to know. 
Perhaps the Sox will struggle for a few years.  Great, bring on some hard times, at least we will expect it without the pricey roster.  Let the young guys develop, Middlebrooks and the prospects acquired in the Megadeal.  Resign Ellsbury, go after Peavy, make a run at Hamilton, given his addiction issues the Texas slugger should have a below market value price tag.
We are used to tough times as a Sox fans and I for one am glad to be back.  The run was great, a time marked with tears of joy.  However, like most oversaturated brands the Redsox became loathsome.  Changes needed to be made and someone on Yawkey Way made it happen.
Congrats Sox brass.  Love the reboot!

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