Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Smart Times

- Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State must be kicking himself right about now.  If he had entered last years NBA Draft he would have been a sure fire top five pick and would be earning millions.  While his decision to stay in school, improve his game, and roll with the madness is laudable, as we often see his stock has taken quite a hit.  Last weekends altercation with the fan was unfortunate and might effect his draft stock.  However, his game had already taken a major hit.  The kid was a powder keg leading up to the incident.  As the loses began to pile up he was ready to go off.  It has been a rough year for his squad due to injury and such.  His shooting has been atrocious and that was what he was supposed to be working on this year. Smart is a beast but could he end up being another Tyreke Evans?  Feel or him.  Have a feeling he falls to a top ten pick this summer.
- There might be some promise to this years all star weekend.  The dunk contest has some names in Geoge and Liliard.
- Lowry and Dragic got robbed, both are deserving of all star nods.  Derozean is deserving but have a feeling Lowry's history with coaches cost him a spot.
- Trade deadline is coming soon.  Seems like it will be a quiet one.  Perhaps the Sixers will sell some more.
- Given his Darko history and signings Dumars needs to be shown the door in Detroit.  Cheeks aint to blame for this.  The miscast pieces are to blame.  And only one person signed them all.
- Shocked at the Mavs record.  What?  Guess age and leadership help.
- The Warriors sure have fallen off.  O and D are sputtering.  The latter is no surprise.
- Last weeks Lakers/Cavs game was interesting to say the least.  Finishing the game with a player that has already fouled out. And only a technical foul if that player commits a foul.  Any foul by the team using a fouled out player should result in a technical free throw and the ball for the opposition.
- Still not used to the Raptors being the clear cut #3 seed in the East.  They have been a pleasure to watch.  The year of the tank just makes it sting and feel a bit undeserved.
- Thinking if Wesbrook comes back at full motor, OKC will play IND in the Finals.  Durant will be the MVP and the HEAT still haven't shown much.
- Cue the Heat post all star break 11 in a row.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Hands on Hips

-Furious comeback by the Raptors right now versus the Bobcats.  The hard hat guys Hayes and Patterson are adding toughness to this team that has been absent since the days of Davis and Oakley.  
-The Paul George 360 dunk was in one word: INSANE
-Lowry and Derozean have been all star worthy this year.  They should at least get a look.
-I wonder what Masia does now that tanking for a pick is out of the question?  How do they keep this momentum going forward? Lowry will leave so a new PG will be in order for next year.  
-Knicks and Nets are finally playing somewhat solid ball.  Thinking we all will start to overvalue the two squads again and believe in their postseason chances of making a run.
-Hope the Celtics hang on to Rondo, this better not be a showcase for him.  Rajon, Stevens, and lottery picks are a bright future.  
-Blake Griffin needs to start hitting back.  Too many liberties are taking with him.  I understand no one wants to be on a poster.  Elbows will solve all.
-Is Doc Rivers serious?  Hedo 
-Marc Gasol's return is huge.  The West is kind of in a holding pattern standing's wise.  The Grizz could make a run.  Paul is out, Portland wont sustain, and the Spurs will need rest are some of the reasons the Warriors should make a run atop the Western standings and Memphis should make up ground at the bottom of the playoff seeds.  
-Watched alot of Kansas ball the past two weeks.  Wiggins frustrated again with a now show versus OK State.  This performance coming off of two solid games where he showed a motor.  Ugh.  Come on Drew.  Embid might actually be the top pick and a force in the league.  He can dominate.  Marcus Smart is for real. 
-Wiggins hands on hips routine came out again over the weekend.  Parker has been up and down for Duke. 
-In the end this draft class seems to be way overhyped without a superstar among them.  All seem to be projects in some sense.  The talent is deep among the class but their appears to be no KD among them.  
-The NCAA year is half way done.  Hopefully the best is yet ahead from these guys.  

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A spate of Injuries

- I wonder if the rash of injuries has become an epidemic for the NBA.  Horford an Wesbrook are now out.  Bryant came back and is now on the shelf again.  What is going on?  Hoops is looking like football.  Or is the fact that so many big name ballers out causing us to overreact.  Think this might be the case.
- Even Lebron is out.  The indestructible one.  My gosh.  Good for the heat and him playing it safe.
- Kobe rushed back.  I'll say it, and my bold prediction about the Lakers playoff chances is for naught.  Now what happens in LA?  Bryant is making max money and may not be a star anymore.  If he was serious about winning he would have taking a deal that left the Lakes with options to build the team with other useful talent.
- Does Carmelo bolt the Knicks after this awful season?  I would be shocked. NYC is still the mecca and there are little options elsewhere is the NBA for him and the high salary he desires and deserves.  I am sure the rumor mill will spin with this one.
- The Nets are dead in the water without Lopez.  Nuff said.  I want panic trade. NOW!
- Portland keeps on Blazing on.  Very impressive.  Lilllard had the assassin look a few weeks back when they were on a Eastern swing.  He is stone cold.  Love it.  Great regular season roll.
- Raptors fans like myself are very uneasy at the moment.  Wtf do we do now?  It is great seeing them play well minus the clog that was Gay but wins in a poor Eastern conference mean playoffs and we do not want that.  The Raps need that top five pick to rebuild.  Enough with the awful to mediocre years.  I want Wiggins.  Sure the kid needs a motor but it is all there.  Hopefully Masai figures something out for us.  I have an awful feeling we are going to end up with a Harrison twin as our draft pick.
- Celtics! (See above themes)
- If the Knicks and Nets had played up to expectations thus far life would be stress free in Toronto.
- Come on Eastern Conference lets do this! Playoffs or bust!
- JR Smith's bro was cut yesterday.  So that's gonna improve his and the Knicks season right?  It was a total sham that his brother was in the league to begin with.  JR resigned in NYC and got his brother a cut at the same time, good on him, but was anyone supposed to take that situation seriously?  Love it!
- Gasol/Bynum trade?  Huh.  Let's please all stop speculating that Bynum will be an important contributor on a contender once the situation in Cleveland is figured out.  The fro hates playing ball and probably is out of the league.

Saturday, 7 December 2013


- The Knicks have blown out opponents in two straight.  RUH ROH!  A mini run!  The Bargs KG malice was palpable.  Too funny.  Yes it hurts seeing Bargs fired up and performing on the big stage as a Raptor fan.  But the sight of him giving a shat is enthralling.  The MSG Bargs lovefest makes me salivate.
- Wow the Nets are a mess.  KG has lost it.  Kidd is clueless.  Firing Frank puts all the focus on himself.  Seems to be a matter of time until everyone gets shown the door in Brooklyn.
- Happy for Kyle Korver but Dana Barros was one of my faves from childhood.  He was a might mite.
- Whats up with all the hand inures this week?
- Feel vindicated by questioning Kyrie Irvings game.  Loved the 0 point performance last night.  This hero baller is not a winner and makes no one better.
- Surprise the Lakers are 10-9 with Kobe back on Sunday.  The video was a bit overstated.  Am I a Kobe fan?  uh
- Portland with some huge wins this last week over OKC and IND.  I love the roster but doubt this run can continue.  I feel an injury coming down the pipe.
- The West breaks down like this: OKC and SAN are legitimate.  The rest is a cloudy mess of pretenders any of which can and will go on runs: POR, GS, LAC, HOU, LAL, MEM.  This group of six make for some extreme jockeying over the next months as the playoffs approach.  Runs Runs Runs especially with horrendous teams from the east serving up wins.  The Lakers as a 6 seed is not unfathomable.
- What is D Rose thinking?  Telling the media he may come back this year.  We all went through that last year.
- Aaron Affalo!
- Dre rummond is a beast.
- The Raptors if you believe the reports appear to be the major players in the trade market/tankfest.  Seems bizarre to have Toronto at a position of strength.  With Gay's contract I don't see the flexibility not to mention the additional assets to accomplish anything.  But I do wish the roster was emptied minus Derozean and Valaciuanas.  Fingers crossed for the rebuild.
- Loving the long term plan in Boston.  Still have nothing of value on the roster except for a ailing Rondo but Stevens is a get.  Tank C's!  Don't know how I feel about possibly trading Rondo.
- Hoping Andrew Wiggins will show some initiative and a motor after a ghost performance in Atlantis.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


- D Rose is done for the season.  Again.  This one hurts us all, we are deprived again of chaos of clutch.  Rose wasn't back to full stream after his left knee saga but there was hope he could return to form.  Now the right knee has collapsed.  Have to wonder if he'll ever return to being an elite NBA player.
- The Bulls should tank.  Trade Deng, amnesty or wait out the Boozer deal.  Their roster this year is not what it was last year so any sort of success is not in the tea leaves.  Unfortunately, they will never take this course of action, and pursue an elite draft pick.  The East is weak and Coach Thibs will get everything out of this undermanned team.  Good on them but might as well build for the future now.
- Who recovers NYK or NYN?  I still have no answer and am shocked no shots have been fired as of yet.
- The Eastern Conference now looks very pathetic with the Bulls injury.  Looks like Miami/Indy derby to the end.
- Rudy Gay and the Raps are in first place! Woot! Ugh yeah!  My gawsh the east is nasty.  Come on Masi blow er up.  Me wants Wiggins in TO.
- Golden State will survive without Iggy.  Barnes and Green are valuable pieces.  Remember not many though there was a need for him by the Bay to begin with.
- Gasol being out in Memphis is a huge loss.  A defensive anchor was the big fella.  Hopefully Ed Davis will get some more run and produce.  Like that cat.
- And the Lakers are at 500 with a Kobe comeback looming.  Is an overvalued #4 or #5 seed in their future?
- Like a faucet Wiggins turns it on and off.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


- Love what is going on in Portland.  Quality b-ball in the Northwest just feels right.  Lillard is an assassin.  Aldridge continues to be an underrated star.  Batum and Mathews are quality glue guys.  Williams and the absurdly trade riddled Robinson seem to have found roles.  Is Lopez enough?  A play for Asik would really solidify them as a 6 to 8 seed in the West.
- The Wizards looked impressive last night in taking down the T-Wolves.  Beal can stroke.  Will this turn the corner for the Zards?  They seem to be a shooter away.
- Detroit is a team that could have it all.  The Bigs are Big.  Wow! Not sure they will ever figure it out from a basketball IQ standpoint.  Josh Smith seems to jack up jumpers simply because he plays the 3 when the other bigs are on the floor with him.
- The Hawks are a surprise.  Milsap and Korver!  Hopefully they don't blow it up too soon in a misguided attempt to rebuild.  Sure they are a middle of the pack team at best but this team is not your 2010 Hawks with selfish chuckers.
- Cleveland is a mess.  Panic trade for Mr. Gay.
- Will the Nets turn it around?  It is an age laden question my friend.
- The Raptors as per the usual have become infuriating to watch.  Gay(the eye surgery helped, right?) and Demar have become notorious clangers.  As a result the development of Valaciunas and Ross has gone nowhere.  Ugh. Come on new GM do something!!!!  The ball is frozen in time with them offensively. Lowry is not a leader.  They have to package Gay and Lowry for something but  doubt any team is that stupid to take on those two.  I don't mind Demar and wonder if Rudy is rubbing off on him or if having another chucker on the floor with him only highlights his weaknesses.
- Kobe!
- Clips need a big man. Crawford should be the bait.  Jamal is redundant on this roster.  Cant understand why Jason Collins isn't on this roster.  Odom will probably be signed but he won't be enough.
- Asik is being paid millions of dollars to ball and has been a bitch since Howard arrived.  We get it buddy, Ok!  Seems like Mchale was forced to start McWhinerson those first ten games.
-All three NCAAB freshmen  were outstanding last week in Chicago.  Randle comparisons to Z-Bo while charming are not a ringing endorsement are they?  Wiggins, last night, lacks the motor and any defense.  Is the guy just trying to avoid getting hurt this year.  Parker hands down seems to be the star of the bunch.  Dynamic and multi-talented.  Smart at OK St might be the biggest star of all.
- Kansas has the makings of a number one team.  The defense is lacking at this point  but they are very deep. Embid is a rare Hibbertesque talent.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Two Weeks In

- Is Lebron fallible? Think he might miss some time in the coming months.  The Heat will underwhelm until the new year and then turn it on.
- The Pacers look great but the title is won in November. Save some energy boys.
- Kryie Irving is overrated.  Watched his hero ball routine last week versus Minnesota, was not impressed.  He is an immense talent.
- Anthony Bennet looks like a bust. Poor Canada.
- Anthony Davis on the other hand has been a beast.
- Phoenix will get surprising production from Bledsoe and the good Morris twin but the record is all smoe and mirrors.
- The Knicks are sinking fast without Chandler.  It will get messy real soon.  Do love the Bargnani love/hate motif so far in NYC.
- D Rose.  We are still waiting.
- Philly is fun.  Surprised that MCW is this good, think we all forgot about the Syracuse factor in his tutelage and his size  Evan Turner is finally playing like a player worthy of lottery world.
- Love Minny. Martin can stroke and Brewer is a leaker to the point he seems like a cherry picker.
- Doc Rivers is in for a frustrating year defensively with the Clips.
- Pleased that the two stars is Houston are being exposed.  Harden for his D and Dwight for his charity stripe mental mishaps.
- Can't wait for the panic coaching moves or trades to start?  Cleveland, Knicks, Nets, Wiz,!
- Boston/Phoenix/Philly have thus far ruined the Riggin for Wiggins theme to the year.  Heady starts so far for this trio.
-Think Randle and Parker will surpass Wiggins.  I know it has only been one game and the athleticism/talent with Wiggins is obvious.  However, I question the motor on this kid.  He had his hands on his back slouching after every play it seemed.  I began to wonder if there was a back issue with him.  After scrutinizing his back for a while I realized it probably had to be a body language or fitness thing.  He seemed to take plays off especially on defense.  Hustle and tenacity might cause him to slide in the draft rankings below his more polished counterparts.
- Stoked for Tues Night: Duke (Parker) v Kansas (Wiggins)  and the annual Triple AAA Kentucky Wildcats and Randle face off versus Michigan State.
- Kyrie V. D Rose Tonight