Saturday, 7 December 2013


- The Knicks have blown out opponents in two straight.  RUH ROH!  A mini run!  The Bargs KG malice was palpable.  Too funny.  Yes it hurts seeing Bargs fired up and performing on the big stage as a Raptor fan.  But the sight of him giving a shat is enthralling.  The MSG Bargs lovefest makes me salivate.
- Wow the Nets are a mess.  KG has lost it.  Kidd is clueless.  Firing Frank puts all the focus on himself.  Seems to be a matter of time until everyone gets shown the door in Brooklyn.
- Happy for Kyle Korver but Dana Barros was one of my faves from childhood.  He was a might mite.
- Whats up with all the hand inures this week?
- Feel vindicated by questioning Kyrie Irvings game.  Loved the 0 point performance last night.  This hero baller is not a winner and makes no one better.
- Surprise the Lakers are 10-9 with Kobe back on Sunday.  The video was a bit overstated.  Am I a Kobe fan?  uh
- Portland with some huge wins this last week over OKC and IND.  I love the roster but doubt this run can continue.  I feel an injury coming down the pipe.
- The West breaks down like this: OKC and SAN are legitimate.  The rest is a cloudy mess of pretenders any of which can and will go on runs: POR, GS, LAC, HOU, LAL, MEM.  This group of six make for some extreme jockeying over the next months as the playoffs approach.  Runs Runs Runs especially with horrendous teams from the east serving up wins.  The Lakers as a 6 seed is not unfathomable.
- What is D Rose thinking?  Telling the media he may come back this year.  We all went through that last year.
- Aaron Affalo!
- Dre rummond is a beast.
- The Raptors if you believe the reports appear to be the major players in the trade market/tankfest.  Seems bizarre to have Toronto at a position of strength.  With Gay's contract I don't see the flexibility not to mention the additional assets to accomplish anything.  But I do wish the roster was emptied minus Derozean and Valaciuanas.  Fingers crossed for the rebuild.
- Loving the long term plan in Boston.  Still have nothing of value on the roster except for a ailing Rondo but Stevens is a get.  Tank C's!  Don't know how I feel about possibly trading Rondo.
- Hoping Andrew Wiggins will show some initiative and a motor after a ghost performance in Atlantis.

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