Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A spate of Injuries

- I wonder if the rash of injuries has become an epidemic for the NBA.  Horford an Wesbrook are now out.  Bryant came back and is now on the shelf again.  What is going on?  Hoops is looking like football.  Or is the fact that so many big name ballers out causing us to overreact.  Think this might be the case.
- Even Lebron is out.  The indestructible one.  My gosh.  Good for the heat and him playing it safe.
- Kobe rushed back.  I'll say it, and my bold prediction about the Lakers playoff chances is for naught.  Now what happens in LA?  Bryant is making max money and may not be a star anymore.  If he was serious about winning he would have taking a deal that left the Lakes with options to build the team with other useful talent.
- Does Carmelo bolt the Knicks after this awful season?  I would be shocked. NYC is still the mecca and there are little options elsewhere is the NBA for him and the high salary he desires and deserves.  I am sure the rumor mill will spin with this one.
- The Nets are dead in the water without Lopez.  Nuff said.  I want panic trade. NOW!
- Portland keeps on Blazing on.  Very impressive.  Lilllard had the assassin look a few weeks back when they were on a Eastern swing.  He is stone cold.  Love it.  Great regular season roll.
- Raptors fans like myself are very uneasy at the moment.  Wtf do we do now?  It is great seeing them play well minus the clog that was Gay but wins in a poor Eastern conference mean playoffs and we do not want that.  The Raps need that top five pick to rebuild.  Enough with the awful to mediocre years.  I want Wiggins.  Sure the kid needs a motor but it is all there.  Hopefully Masai figures something out for us.  I have an awful feeling we are going to end up with a Harrison twin as our draft pick.
- Celtics! (See above themes)
- If the Knicks and Nets had played up to expectations thus far life would be stress free in Toronto.
- Come on Eastern Conference lets do this! Playoffs or bust!
- JR Smith's bro was cut yesterday.  So that's gonna improve his and the Knicks season right?  It was a total sham that his brother was in the league to begin with.  JR resigned in NYC and got his brother a cut at the same time, good on him, but was anyone supposed to take that situation seriously?  Love it!
- Gasol/Bynum trade?  Huh.  Let's please all stop speculating that Bynum will be an important contributor on a contender once the situation in Cleveland is figured out.  The fro hates playing ball and probably is out of the league.

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