Monday, 20 January 2014

Hands on Hips

-Furious comeback by the Raptors right now versus the Bobcats.  The hard hat guys Hayes and Patterson are adding toughness to this team that has been absent since the days of Davis and Oakley.  
-The Paul George 360 dunk was in one word: INSANE
-Lowry and Derozean have been all star worthy this year.  They should at least get a look.
-I wonder what Masia does now that tanking for a pick is out of the question?  How do they keep this momentum going forward? Lowry will leave so a new PG will be in order for next year.  
-Knicks and Nets are finally playing somewhat solid ball.  Thinking we all will start to overvalue the two squads again and believe in their postseason chances of making a run.
-Hope the Celtics hang on to Rondo, this better not be a showcase for him.  Rajon, Stevens, and lottery picks are a bright future.  
-Blake Griffin needs to start hitting back.  Too many liberties are taking with him.  I understand no one wants to be on a poster.  Elbows will solve all.
-Is Doc Rivers serious?  Hedo 
-Marc Gasol's return is huge.  The West is kind of in a holding pattern standing's wise.  The Grizz could make a run.  Paul is out, Portland wont sustain, and the Spurs will need rest are some of the reasons the Warriors should make a run atop the Western standings and Memphis should make up ground at the bottom of the playoff seeds.  
-Watched alot of Kansas ball the past two weeks.  Wiggins frustrated again with a now show versus OK State.  This performance coming off of two solid games where he showed a motor.  Ugh.  Come on Drew.  Embid might actually be the top pick and a force in the league.  He can dominate.  Marcus Smart is for real. 
-Wiggins hands on hips routine came out again over the weekend.  Parker has been up and down for Duke. 
-In the end this draft class seems to be way overhyped without a superstar among them.  All seem to be projects in some sense.  The talent is deep among the class but their appears to be no KD among them.  
-The NCAA year is half way done.  Hopefully the best is yet ahead from these guys.  

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