Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Smart Times

- Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State must be kicking himself right about now.  If he had entered last years NBA Draft he would have been a sure fire top five pick and would be earning millions.  While his decision to stay in school, improve his game, and roll with the madness is laudable, as we often see his stock has taken quite a hit.  Last weekends altercation with the fan was unfortunate and might effect his draft stock.  However, his game had already taken a major hit.  The kid was a powder keg leading up to the incident.  As the loses began to pile up he was ready to go off.  It has been a rough year for his squad due to injury and such.  His shooting has been atrocious and that was what he was supposed to be working on this year. Smart is a beast but could he end up being another Tyreke Evans?  Feel or him.  Have a feeling he falls to a top ten pick this summer.
- There might be some promise to this years all star weekend.  The dunk contest has some names in Geoge and Liliard.
- Lowry and Dragic got robbed, both are deserving of all star nods.  Derozean is deserving but have a feeling Lowry's history with coaches cost him a spot.
- Trade deadline is coming soon.  Seems like it will be a quiet one.  Perhaps the Sixers will sell some more.
- Given his Darko history and signings Dumars needs to be shown the door in Detroit.  Cheeks aint to blame for this.  The miscast pieces are to blame.  And only one person signed them all.
- Shocked at the Mavs record.  What?  Guess age and leadership help.
- The Warriors sure have fallen off.  O and D are sputtering.  The latter is no surprise.
- Last weeks Lakers/Cavs game was interesting to say the least.  Finishing the game with a player that has already fouled out. And only a technical foul if that player commits a foul.  Any foul by the team using a fouled out player should result in a technical free throw and the ball for the opposition.
- Still not used to the Raptors being the clear cut #3 seed in the East.  They have been a pleasure to watch.  The year of the tank just makes it sting and feel a bit undeserved.
- Thinking if Wesbrook comes back at full motor, OKC will play IND in the Finals.  Durant will be the MVP and the HEAT still haven't shown much.
- Cue the Heat post all star break 11 in a row.

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