Tuesday, 26 November 2013


- D Rose is done for the season.  Again.  This one hurts us all, we are deprived again of chaos of clutch.  Rose wasn't back to full stream after his left knee saga but there was hope he could return to form.  Now the right knee has collapsed.  Have to wonder if he'll ever return to being an elite NBA player.
- The Bulls should tank.  Trade Deng, amnesty or wait out the Boozer deal.  Their roster this year is not what it was last year so any sort of success is not in the tea leaves.  Unfortunately, they will never take this course of action, and pursue an elite draft pick.  The East is weak and Coach Thibs will get everything out of this undermanned team.  Good on them but might as well build for the future now.
- Who recovers NYK or NYN?  I still have no answer and am shocked no shots have been fired as of yet.
- The Eastern Conference now looks very pathetic with the Bulls injury.  Looks like Miami/Indy derby to the end.
- Rudy Gay and the Raps are in first place! Woot! Ugh yeah!  My gawsh the east is nasty.  Come on Masi blow er up.  Me wants Wiggins in TO.
- Golden State will survive without Iggy.  Barnes and Green are valuable pieces.  Remember not many though there was a need for him by the Bay to begin with.
- Gasol being out in Memphis is a huge loss.  A defensive anchor was the big fella.  Hopefully Ed Davis will get some more run and produce.  Like that cat.
- And the Lakers are at 500 with a Kobe comeback looming.  Is an overvalued #4 or #5 seed in their future?
- Like a faucet Wiggins turns it on and off.

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