Monday, 11 November 2013

Two Weeks In

- Is Lebron fallible? Think he might miss some time in the coming months.  The Heat will underwhelm until the new year and then turn it on.
- The Pacers look great but the title is won in November. Save some energy boys.
- Kryie Irving is overrated.  Watched his hero ball routine last week versus Minnesota, was not impressed.  He is an immense talent.
- Anthony Bennet looks like a bust. Poor Canada.
- Anthony Davis on the other hand has been a beast.
- Phoenix will get surprising production from Bledsoe and the good Morris twin but the record is all smoe and mirrors.
- The Knicks are sinking fast without Chandler.  It will get messy real soon.  Do love the Bargnani love/hate motif so far in NYC.
- D Rose.  We are still waiting.
- Philly is fun.  Surprised that MCW is this good, think we all forgot about the Syracuse factor in his tutelage and his size  Evan Turner is finally playing like a player worthy of lottery world.
- Love Minny. Martin can stroke and Brewer is a leaker to the point he seems like a cherry picker.
- Doc Rivers is in for a frustrating year defensively with the Clips.
- Pleased that the two stars is Houston are being exposed.  Harden for his D and Dwight for his charity stripe mental mishaps.
- Can't wait for the panic coaching moves or trades to start?  Cleveland, Knicks, Nets, Wiz,!
- Boston/Phoenix/Philly have thus far ruined the Riggin for Wiggins theme to the year.  Heady starts so far for this trio.
-Think Randle and Parker will surpass Wiggins.  I know it has only been one game and the athleticism/talent with Wiggins is obvious.  However, I question the motor on this kid.  He had his hands on his back slouching after every play it seemed.  I began to wonder if there was a back issue with him.  After scrutinizing his back for a while I realized it probably had to be a body language or fitness thing.  He seemed to take plays off especially on defense.  Hustle and tenacity might cause him to slide in the draft rankings below his more polished counterparts.
- Stoked for Tues Night: Duke (Parker) v Kansas (Wiggins)  and the annual Triple AAA Kentucky Wildcats and Randle face off versus Michigan State.
- Kyrie V. D Rose Tonight

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