Wednesday, 20 November 2013


- Love what is going on in Portland.  Quality b-ball in the Northwest just feels right.  Lillard is an assassin.  Aldridge continues to be an underrated star.  Batum and Mathews are quality glue guys.  Williams and the absurdly trade riddled Robinson seem to have found roles.  Is Lopez enough?  A play for Asik would really solidify them as a 6 to 8 seed in the West.
- The Wizards looked impressive last night in taking down the T-Wolves.  Beal can stroke.  Will this turn the corner for the Zards?  They seem to be a shooter away.
- Detroit is a team that could have it all.  The Bigs are Big.  Wow! Not sure they will ever figure it out from a basketball IQ standpoint.  Josh Smith seems to jack up jumpers simply because he plays the 3 when the other bigs are on the floor with him.
- The Hawks are a surprise.  Milsap and Korver!  Hopefully they don't blow it up too soon in a misguided attempt to rebuild.  Sure they are a middle of the pack team at best but this team is not your 2010 Hawks with selfish chuckers.
- Cleveland is a mess.  Panic trade for Mr. Gay.
- Will the Nets turn it around?  It is an age laden question my friend.
- The Raptors as per the usual have become infuriating to watch.  Gay(the eye surgery helped, right?) and Demar have become notorious clangers.  As a result the development of Valaciunas and Ross has gone nowhere.  Ugh. Come on new GM do something!!!!  The ball is frozen in time with them offensively. Lowry is not a leader.  They have to package Gay and Lowry for something but  doubt any team is that stupid to take on those two.  I don't mind Demar and wonder if Rudy is rubbing off on him or if having another chucker on the floor with him only highlights his weaknesses.
- Kobe!
- Clips need a big man. Crawford should be the bait.  Jamal is redundant on this roster.  Cant understand why Jason Collins isn't on this roster.  Odom will probably be signed but he won't be enough.
- Asik is being paid millions of dollars to ball and has been a bitch since Howard arrived.  We get it buddy, Ok!  Seems like Mchale was forced to start McWhinerson those first ten games.
-All three NCAAB freshmen  were outstanding last week in Chicago.  Randle comparisons to Z-Bo while charming are not a ringing endorsement are they?  Wiggins, last night, lacks the motor and any defense.  Is the guy just trying to avoid getting hurt this year.  Parker hands down seems to be the star of the bunch.  Dynamic and multi-talented.  Smart at OK St might be the biggest star of all.
- Kansas has the makings of a number one team.  The defense is lacking at this point  but they are very deep. Embid is a rare Hibbertesque talent.

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