Sunday, 16 September 2012

Early Returns

Pats lose.  Wow! What an ending.  The Patriots were dominated by the Cardinals defense all day yet had a shot to pull it out.  Ryan William's fumbles instead of just lying down on the field with a minute left.  Pats get the ball back,  Inexplicably they start draining clock with a minute left.  They could have gone for a closer field goal attempt or even a touchdown.  Then the field goal attempt is missed and they lose 20-18.  Unreal.  Shocking end to the game.  Robert Kraft's facial expression in the owners box was classic.

The Pats clearly didn't deserve to win this one.  Karma loss?  The offensive line was constantly beaten and as a result Brady had little time to throw.  Welker caught a few which was encouraging.  From what I saw the Pats defense kept the momentum going from week one and played well.  Seriously, losing to Kevin Kolb?

The Giants won a thriller 41-34.  Eli Manning was huge throwing for 510 yards.  The Giants again were the cardiac kids winning a thriller.
Philly shocked me by coming back and holding on to beat Baltimore despite the turnovers.

Team Gagan had a good set of early games.  \Vick threw two picks but passed for over 300 yards, threw for a td, and ran for a td.  NIcks was stellar, amassing 199 yards and a score on 10 catches.  MJD had a nondescript 60 rushing yards but caught a score.  Gronkowski caught 6 for 75 yards aand a score.  Bradshaw was hurt early in the Giants game, so a roster move in all likelihood will be coming this week.

Thinking I will need to add another RB this week.  Dropping Jennings.  Also thinking about releasing one of my wide receivers and adding a new one.  The Oakland duo of Moore and Heyward-Bey have been useless  on my bench to this point.  Would like to drop one of them.  LaFell on Carolina intrigues me.

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