Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Geriatric Knicks

The Knickerbockers announced Rasheed Wallace is joining the team for the upcoming NBA season.   The vociferous power forward has been retired for the past few years.  He has always been one of my favourites for many reasons.  No one chirps at officials or picks up hilarious t’s quite like Wallace.  He shoots the threes and defends well.  The guy has personality which is refreshing in these pc times.  All in all Rasheed on the Knicks should be entertaining and quoteworthy. 
However, from afar the move is hilarious.  The Knicks brass has to be kidding with the front court off season acquisitions, right?  These guys need canes. Kurt Thomas (40 by the start of the season) is a grandfathered onto the bench.  Marcus Camby (38) can still rebound and defend at an advanced age and now Wallace (38) is added to the mix.   
The Knicks second unit should be fun to watch this year and I am sure the MSG crowds will embrace them and the organization will never be accused of ageism at this point. 
Nonetheless file this move under, things that make you chuckle. 

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