Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The First W


How sweet it is.  Yeah baby.  Got the week 2 win.  Love it, what a feeling.  Amazeballs.  A five point win is a win.  Say it with me.
Just think it I had started RG3 over Vick, it would have been a 14pt victory. Think its time to start RG3.  This week Vick plays the Cardinals.  We all saw what the Cardinals did last weekend to the Patriots with their fast ball hawking defense.  Means turnovers for the Eagles.
Hit the waive wire hard this week.  Need to upgrade the bench for the bye weeks.  Gotta look ahead.  Put in claims for WR  Amendola on St. Louis (huge last week),  RB Bush on Chicago, and TE Pita  from Baltimore.  If i get them I am going to drop WR Moore, RB Jennings, and TE Cook.  This useless trio had their chance with Team Gagan but you gotta produce to remain on the roster.  Simply put this reactive owner  
expects fantasy output from each member of the team.
Thinking ahead to week three Bradshaw is hurt so he will have to come out of the lineup.  Shonn Greene will move into the starting RB role.  The flex position ideally will be filled by Amendola from St. Louis if my waiver claim is successful.


I have heard all the talk about Wes Welker's role in New England.  The coach and owner are tough steadfast men, it is their way or the highway.  Welker wants money.  Who can blame him?  It's time for the Pats to give him a bigger role in the offense.  Hernandez is hurt and Edleman is no Welker.  Throw him the damm ball and let him produce.  Whatever is going on now is to the detriment of the offense.  If next year you don't want to pay him that's fine, let him walk.  Use your weapon.
Week one went unexpectedly smooth with the officials.  This week was a disaster.  The integrity of the game is in question.  Games are slow.  Players have no respect for these referees.  Have you noticed the scraps and players not letting up with some of their hits?  This is all over billion dollar owners pitching in a million to bring the regular officials back.  Come on.  Its an absurd situation, the scab officials look out of place and intimidated by the bright lights.  Yet again the owner and commissioner come off looking like buffoons with this.
On the subject of buffoonery the affidavit from Gregg Williams was well timed.  Funnily signed sealed and delivered days after a judged ruled in some manner way beyond my legalese against the player suspensions resulting from bounty gate.  Williams sure comes off like a heck of a fella on this one.  Be interesting to see when he gets hired again after throwing everyone under the bus.  Though tire marked Vilma will fight his fight and should be lauded for doing so.  The commissioner has come off like a dictator with way too much authority in all of this.  Why not let someone independent figure out punishment besides the commissioner?  All other pro leagues have a czar off crime and punishment and actual guidelines governing discipline.  The commissioner appears to make things up as he goes along in the interest of the NFL's bottom line.  His initial ruling was all about the setting a precedent, and appearing to do the right thing in the face of federal lawsuits pending against the NFL by former players with head injury issues. All I know is bounty gate will not be over for some time and it will get messier.  Player safety is important and bounties are deplorable.  It is very good that these issues have been brought to the forefront.  Unfortunately, the solutions offered thus far by the league have been monetarily influenced.

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