Monday, 1 October 2012

NBA Media Day News

The Spurs are giving Eddy Curry a invite to training camp.  Um shocking move for the Spurs.  Guess they need an extra warm body in camp.  Is the D-League or China the next stop for Eddy?

Andrew Bynum took a trip to Germany.  Insert Kobe knee doctor voodoo pin here.  And the year long Bynum injury questions begin.  Wait till the Philly press starts to wonder aloud about his maturity and attitude.

John Wall is shelved for a month with a bum knee.  Hope for the Raptors.  Like the Wizards the Raps are eyeing the #8 seed in the Eastern Conference.  A slow start for the Wiz could help Canada's team.

Bryan Colangelo was not optimistic entering last season.  And now he is with more talent on the roster entering this year.  A little too forthright with last years opinions.  Did last year even need to be mentioned?  I give him some credit for bringing in some talent, Lowry, Fields, Ross, and McGuire but the poster child for nepotism needs to zip it sometimes.

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