Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Alright my forced exodus is over.  I have to come out of hiding.  Enough is enough.  Team Gagan has lost three in a row.  I will not dwell on the previous weeks but I am tired of losing.  Last week I lose because of RG3 caution and Aaron Rodgers goes insane for my opponent.  RG3 is concussed the week before so I sit him and start Andrew Luck last week.  Luck bombs versus the Jets and RG3 has a great game versus the Vikes.  I could have had a win if not for Rodgers throwing six scores against the Texans.  What's up with the Texans D?  Well the nucleus of RG3, MJD, Bradshaw, Gronk, Nicks, Jones, Moore, Bryant, and ATL D/ST are all in the lineup this weekend.  I need the W, my confidence is wandering like a Patriots corner.  Thomas from Denver is my only key player with a bye.  I need my WR's to produce, hopefully Hakeem NIcks is approaching full health.  Victory will be mine and I pledge from this point on to stay out of the way.

The Patriots reverted back to early season form in losing late to the Seahawks.  It was very disappointing.  Th offense could not seal the deal and put up so more points to cushion the lead.  The Pats are losing their luster.  Is the era coming to an end?
I mean we've only known the secondary is awful for five years now and nothing has been done to fix it.  Unbelievable, every time the ball was in the air late in the game I just knew a Seahawk would come down with it for a big play.
Could not find the Giants-Niners game on T.V. here.  Giants were very impressive from all accounts.

College football is heating up.  The SEC teams keep knocking eachother off week by week. West Virginia was upset.  If this holds up my Notre Dame fighting Irish might sneak into a major bowl.  The Irish defense was impressive in out smashing Stanford with an overtime goal line stand.  Offensive the Irish have a tight end and quality running backs.  Still undefeated.  Alabama, Florida, and Oregon seem to be the title contenders but for the Irish to be in a BCS bowl would be a major step in the right direction.

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