Sunday, 28 October 2012


James Harden was traded to the Houston Rockets for Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb, and picks.  Wow!  No one aside from Jalen Rose saw this one coming.  Presti lowballed Harden offering him 4 years for 52 to 55 million.  In Houston Harden will get alot more money with no state taxes.  OKC is sticking to their team philosophy with this one.  Everyone must accept less dough to remain with the team.   Remember Jeff Green.

I applaud the Thunder sticking to their guns but short term their title hopes are taking a huge hit with this trade.  Harden was a major part of Thunder ball.  A rare talent he could score in bunches by taking the ball to the hole and had a nice jumper.  Team chemistry takes a hit with this deal as well.

Harden cant be blamed for not accepting a low offer.  This is a business.  The chance to be the man on another team is something he must have wanted on the other hand.  In the end given the OKC philosophy he had to know he was leaving at some point this year.

Long term the deal might work out for the Thunder.  Kevin Martin will replace some of what Harden provided this year, perhaps he stays long term.  Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones 3 might develop into pieces on a title contender.  The draft picks also might pan out.

In the end the future will tell but the Thunders 2012-13 title aspirations took a huge hit with the Harden deal. Talent and chemistry are important.  Denver and the Lakers have to benefit from the deal.  It would not surprise me if the Thunder fell to the #2 or #3 seed in the Western Conference come playoff time.

Watched two CFB games yesterday.  The Florida/Georgia was atrocious with the Dawgs winning.  Penalties and horrendous offensive play created a disjointed affair.  The CBS SEC bias is also hard to listen to.  Boston College got its first ACC win of the year over Maryland.  Good to see that score on the ticker but its time to get rid of Spaz and redo the whole thing in Chesnut Hill.

The Notre Dame/Oklahoma game was a pleasure to watch.  I am an Irish homer and this one was a nail biter till the end.  I kept waiting for Golston to make the mistake that would cost the Irish the game but it never happened.  Coach Kelly has been brilliant with his young qb and the offence.  Golston has become a threat for the Irish and avoids mistakes.  He has matured.  The defense again was dominant when it counted. At the beginning I had my doubts about the bend but don't break philosophy but it was a great game plan as the D was able to stifle the Sooners in the red zone.  Blake Bell really got under my skin, scoring the first rushing td against the Irish all season.  Teo again was a force with a sack and a late interception that sealed the win.  He should be considered seriously for the Heisman.  A second place finish to Klein of KSU is not out of the question.

The Irish should be undefeated heading into their last game against USC.  I am shocked by the quick progress the Irish have made under Brian Kelly.  They are relevant again.

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