Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sox Sack Valentine and AL MVP

That was quick.  Bobby V was fired one day after the 2012 Red Sox ended the season with a 14-2 drubbing at the hands of the Yankees.  The move comes to the surprise of no one.  In fact the only reason he lasted the entire season was the owners let their egos get in the way.  It was a poor hire to begin with.  Chalk it right up there with the sell out streak and the big contracts thrown at players incapable of handling the market.  However, all the blame cannot be put on the owners or even Bobby V for this season.  The players have to perform and they did not.  They seemed to disagree with the hire from the get go and never were willing to buy in.
What's next?  I have no idea.  I kind of hope the owners sell the team and we get some new blood in.  Manager wise Farrell from Toronto should be a target.  Blue Jay nation won't be happy and have blocked previous attempts by the Sox.  It could be a dog fight if it's even possible.

The AL MVP should go to Miquel Cabreara.  End of story.  He propelled his team to the playoffs while winning the first triple crown in 45 freaking years.  A ridiculous season.  Unfortunately, the stat geeks have clouded the matter with praise for Mike Trout.  Trout has also had a stellar season.  He excels at defense and on the base paths.  He might have a high WAR.  Trout will win plenty of MVP's if he keeps it up.  The AL Rookie is all his this year.  The Angels did not make the playoffs.  This why the Detroit slugger wins the award.
Sabermatics are entertaining in a geeked  out way.  But apparently the RBI is now devalued?  Please.  Knocking runners in front of you and runners in scoring position is the definition of clutch.

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