Thursday, 31 January 2013

Gay To TO

Rudy Gay is officially a Raptor.  Finally they have a coveted small forward.  As I have said before the only way for Toronto to acquire talent is through trade or draft.  High name free agents are not coming to Toronto.  Coloangelo, atrocious GM, rolled the dice with this one.  The future will tell as to whether this deal works out for Toronto.  Let’s look at the pieces. 
                Rudy Gay is very talented yet very overpaid for two more years.  He is having a bad season so he was bought for a low price.  He is a good friend of Kyle Lowry, who becomes the man at point guard for Toronto, this chemistry should help.  He is paid like a #1 and wants to be a #1.  Can he be a star?  Toronto is banking on it. 
                The Rap lost Calderon and Davis in the deal.  Both were a pleasure to watch.  Davis finally got some minutes this year due to injuries and was impressive.  However, his rookie deal was up and Toronto was going to lose him for greener pastures in the coming years.  Plus with JV and Bargs coming back soon his minutes were sure to drop.  Caderon was a surprisingly solid point guard for eight seasons in Toronto.  His contract was expiring and the Raptors were sure to let him walk over the summer.  Davis and Calderon were good players on their way out and the cost of losing them was an overpaid wild card in Rudy Gay. 
                With the deal the Raptors roster is very redundant.  Derozean and Gay are the same type of player with Gay being a superior version of the two.  Both are slashers who shoot poorly from three and are below average defenders.  Derozean was just signed to a monstrous extension! Yikes! Now Demar needs to be dealt.  Bargnani as well has to be dealt at the very least before next season.  Dealing the pussy cat Andrea must be priority number one for Colangelo and I believe the Raptors board must have told him that if Gay comes Andrea must be dealt.  Fields is also overpaid and a new home for him is needed.  There isn’t much financial flexibility for the Raps.  Yikes! 
                If the above mentioned are dealt there might be some hope with the deal.  This deal is a predicated on what happens next with the roster.  If players are dealt it looks promising.  If not? Yikes! 
                The combinations with Gay playing some power forward are intriguing.  Lowry, Ross, Demar, Gay, and Johnson?  Very athletic!  As long as Demarr and Bargs are dealt I think I am behind this deal.  Building around Lowry, Ross, Gay, and JV seems the way to go.  Add Johnson to the mix and I would like to see what happens. 
                Standing wise the deal goes two ways.  The Raps either remain an 8 to 10 seed or they make some trades and build around the ones they should and they elevate to a 4 or 5 seed. 

                Memphis has taken themselves out of the West race with the deal.  Prince may help a bit but its over for the Grizz.  The financial realities are harsh for the small market teams. 
                Detroit may join the race for #8 in the East.  Calderon should help their bigs.  This summer Joe Dumars will have some cap space but given his record in free agency, is this a good thing?  

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