Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Seattle Kings?

Today the rumor mill has been rampant that the Kings will be sold to a Seattle group and relocated in time for next season.  I love this move for many reasons.  Seattle gets a team again, I really miss the Sonics.  David Stern also has egg on his face after engineering the Clay Bennett Midnight run to Oklahoma City a few years ago.   The Pacific Northwest needs a ball team and now the Portland/Seattle rivalry will be back on.  I fondly remember the Payton, Perkins, McMillan, Kemp, Ellis, and Schrempf years.  Wow I am excited the more I think about it. 
The downside in this developing NBA news is that Sacremento loses the Kings.  The Maloofs clearly are to blame for all of this, they ran a once proud franchise into the ground.  Mitch Richmond memories are all I will have.  Weep.  Remember just a decade ago the Kings were challenging the Lakers for Western Conference supremacy.  C-Webb, Miller, Divac, and Stojakovic led a proud franchise capable of cowbell moments.  The crowds were loud in Arco, a great small town.  Since then the owners and recent GM (Petrie) have run the franchise into the ground.  Crowds are sparse and the roster is beyond redundant.  They have about eight power forwards. 
So what happens with the Sac/Sea roster moving forward?  Boogie Cousins is not going anywhere.  Hear Me!  If the team wasn’t being relocated there might be a chance Petrie would be dumb enough to trade him.  He will be a vital marketing piece/cornerstone to build around in Seattle.  He might be a coach killer/freak/baby but he is supremely talented.  If he could ever grow he would be a top ten talent in the league.  I expect the Seattle fans will love him.  Thomas stays as, he is a dynamic young point guard.  Robinson will stay and Thompson will be traded.  This pair screams redundancy and Robinson is the more recent draft pick.  Other than that look for the rest of the roster to hopefully turnover with a new gm and coach in place for next season, these new owners will want their own men in charge.  

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