Thursday, 10 January 2013

Playoffs Week Two

Before I begin the look ahead in the playoffs let me touch on the RG3 situation.   The QB was obviously hurt and injured depending on what language you want to use.  After the mounting a 14-0 lead over the Seahawks he probably should have been taken out of the game.  The blame for what happened after is all on Shanahan.  RG3 is never going to let on that he was hurt, that is the football players mentality unfortunately.  Given how he looked afterwards he should have been taken out.  The risk for serious injury was there, it is awful that the coach ignored the obvious and left him in the game.  A healthy Kirk Cousins over a hobbling RG3 probably would have given the Redskins a better shot at beating the Seahawks. 
                This week’s games:

Seattle at Atlanta- Hmm the Falcons need to prove they have some cajones.  Their big play offense will have limited shots against a great Seattle defense.  Can they contain Marshawn Lynch?  This will be another key.  In the end I am thinking the Falcons will fall surprising no one and everyone at the same time. 

Green Bay at San Francisco- This game has the look of a classic.  The Niners trounced the Pack early in the season.  San Fran’s rookie quarterback in the playoffs?  Yikes.  The Niners are a well rounded team on both sides of the ball.  The Packers defense is weak.  Aaron Rodgers must have the game of his life for Green Bay to win this one.  Unless Kaepernick throws pick sixes early I look for the Niners to win a close one.

Baltimore at Denver:  This is Ray Lewis’ last game.  Early turnovers by Flacco will help the Broncos get out to an early lead and hang on to win the game despite some late Ray Rice heroics.  Denver by a touchdown.  Manning will continue his magnificent season.  The Ravens defense’s age issues will be exposed. 

Houston at New England:  I only hope the Patriots are not taking the Texans lightly as Dan Shaunessy wrote.  Thanks for the bulletin board material Dan.  I suspect the Texans will come out strong behind Foster and some playmakers on defense.  Look for a close game early.  In the end the difference will be at the quarterback position.  A Brady to Gronk touchdown will close the first half.  The Patriots will carry that momentum to the second and win going away. 


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