Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Classic?

NFL Playoff alert!  The Ravens Broncos game was a classic.  Aside from the Dierdorf annoyance factor the game had everything.  Two Trindan Holiday special teams returns for touchdowns.  Manning slinging touchdowns and Flacco matching him with long bombs to Smith and Jones, Flacco by the way earned himself a new contract with that performance.  The last throw in regulation time was shocking, how did the Broncos secondary let that happen?  Excitement!  What a battle!  In the end Manning threw an awful interception which led to a 2nd 0T field goal by the Ravens rookie filed goal.  Manning’s arm looked a little rubbery towards the end of that game, maybe it was the cold?  Ray Lewis lives on to fight another day.  As a Patriots fan I am scared of a rematch with Baltimore.  The Ravens look like a team of destiny. 
                Oh and in the second game the Niners steamrolled the Pack behind a fleet footed rookie quarterback. 
                On to today’s matchups!  

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