Thursday, 24 January 2013

Two Awful Teams

The soap opera in LA keeps getting more interesting.  The Lakers held a team meeting yesterday for everyone to air their grievances.  According to reports Kobe and the Dwightmare went at it a bit.  Game by game the train wreck that has been the 2012-13 Lakers has been fascination to watch.  Kobe started the season off strong but has cooled off of late.  He has joined twitter, a pleasure for us all, and has somewhat behaved himself.  Howard has looked disinterested and healing on the fly from his back woes.  He’s picked up tech fouls left and right.  One wonders if he ever will regain his stature as a top player in the league.  These days he looks serviceable.  And will he resign in LA? 
                Gasol has shown flashes after being demoted to bench player.  What an awful situation for the talented big man, he has served as the whipping boy for years.  Nash looks old and slow.  Really old and slow. 
                There is no cohesion or effort from the Lakers when it counts.  Yet still they are only four games out of the playoffs. 
                It is a shame the Lakers will never blow it up, that is not their style.  D’antoni should be axed but given the fact that they already fired Brown this year, D’antoni and his contract will stay.  Gasol and Howard should be unloaded for assets so the rebuild can happen. 
                Maybe they turn it around a bit?    It has been a spectacular failure thus far 
                Boston, the leagues other marquee franchise, has been just as disappointing this year.  They are clinging onto the eight playoff spot in the East.  Rondo has not progressed to the elite level player many thought he would.  Jason Terry forgot how to add instant offense off the bench over the summer.  Green has mastered the deer in the headlights look.  The mainstays Garnett and Pierce along with the youngins Bradley and Sullinger have all been solid.    Unless a major shakeup happens at the trade deadline it would appear that the window on Celtics relevance is closing. 

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