Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Honey Nut Cheerios

Monday night’s game between the Celtics and Knicks at MSG had that feel, especially in the fourth quarter.  Spike Lee was making a nuisance of himself heckling Celtics inbounders.  Shot for shot the squads were matching eachother.  Paul Pierce hit some huge ones.  Avery Bradley made the intangible great plays on defense and cutting baseline for open looks.  KG and Melo went at it, the trash talking was in full effect.  All in all the quarter had a playoff feel. 
Is the rivalry renewed to the level of the Bernard King/Bird years?  I think so.  The Celts and Knicks have rarely been both good during the same years.  This season the Knicks are off to a great start looking like a number two seed in the east.  That spot was supposed to go to the Celtics according to everyone, even me.  The C’s have flopped all year except for the last three games.  A good win versus the Pacers at home started it all.  The next night they came back on the Hawks behind a 33-9 third quarter in Atlanta for the win.  Then the big win in at MSG.  It was a statement game!  The true warriors, KG and Pierce, have had enough of the losing.  Book it, with Bradely back things start to fall into place.  The Knicks have started to fall off a bit(Felton injury?) but desperately want to be the new power in the east behind Miami.  Melo’s classmates have rings and he wants his.    All of these factors collided on Monday.  It was a heck of a battle and I can’t wait for the next meeting on January 24th
After the game on Monday there was lots of buzz about breakfast cereal.  Melo and KG got into it on the court picking up t’s and apparently after the game Melo was looking to settle things pugnaciously with KG.  Ahhh the theatre of it all, Melo was waiting by the bus to go at KG.  About 500 security people where in the way, it was highlarious to see. The two never saw eachother.  KG a vicious trash talker had aid something during the game about Melo’s wife and Carmelo though he had crossed the line.  Cheerios anyone?  KG probably crossed the line here as he always does but that is his game, always has been.  Love him hate him he does it again and again.  Melo on the other hand had a bad game and was taken of his pace during the fourth quarter by KG antics.  To react in that manner after the game?   Now the word knows Melo has thin skin.  Dumb move Mr. Anthony.  Expect cereal boxes everywhere in Boston for the rematch.  

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