Thursday, 10 January 2013

Roll em Roids, Pucks, and Tide

CFB Championship

That one was tough to watch as a ND fan.  Absolutely steamrolled by an uber talented Alabama team.  The Crimson Tide seemed to have stallions at every position.  Yes the SEC is still dominant.  Perhaps Oregon would have given them a game.  Saban is about as likeable as a dutchoven moment early in the morning but the overlord gets it done year after year.  Three out of four is unprecedented.  In the end it was a great miracle season for the Irish.  Golston will build on this season and be an excellent player in the future.  Can the Irish match this successful year in the coming seasons?  Sadly, probably not.  The SEC will still dominate the polls.  Oregon will be in the mix.  Ohio State is building something under Urban Meyer.  Perhaps when the playoffs come for college football the Irish will have a chance to get to a championship game but the odds are against them.  Sad to see Teo go.  Disappointing to hear Kelly is taking interviews for the NFL. 

Baseball Hall of Fame

No one got the 75 percent to be elected to the hall.  No one inducted this year.  Consider it a statement year with all the PED users on the ballot.  I think most of them deserve to make it.  Those drugs like it or not were a part of the baseball culture and most of the players in question have hall worthy careers spanning the non “PED” years.  All the PED’s did and do is prolong some productivity by accelerating recovery.  Eventually some of these guys will make it as the writers turn over realizing PED’s have always been a part of the game for a hundred years or so and their morality faces them every morning in the mirror.  Remember the “era of PED’s” by electing a few to the hall.  Preserve history and put asterisks by their names if need be.


Emotions are mixed about hockey being back.  Living in Canada I find there is an overload of hockey coverage and not enough basketball coverage.  It is painful for a hoops addict.  I root for the Senators and Bruins go to some games and love playoff hockey.  I love it yet hate it.  The lockout was nonsense spearheaded by the worst commissioner in sports Gary Bettman.  Look for the Canadian teams to regain their fans but in the US the fans might not come back. Empty seats will be a black eye for the NHL. The play itself should be wide open with a limited amount of regular season games and a frenetic schedule.  Last years abridged NBA season was wild so perhaps the same thing will happen in the rinks.  

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