Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ball Thoughts

-The Clippers are looking like the Clippers of old.  Losing with regularity.  Chris Paul has been out for far too long with a knee cap bruise.  It has to be something more serious.  Let’s take them off the title Thang
contention list. 
-Memphis has taken themselves out of the running with the Gay trade or have they?  Things may take a bit of time to settle down but Prince may actually be more beneficial to the team than Gay.  A savvy vet who will make the right play help to emphasize their interior strength.  It all will hinge on the maturity and development of Conely.  Can he and the Grizz shock some folks in the playoffs. 
-Chicago and Indiana are unreal great defensive teams.  Granger and Rose are still out.  I hope Rose comes back at the same level athletically.  Jimmy Butler has been a pleasant surprise for the Bulls.  All Indiana does is continue to win games.  George is a star.  I think Granger should be traded for pieces, I have never loved his shot first hero ball mentality.  Hibbert is overpaid, let’s face it he will never be who we thought he might develop into.  And the Pacers continue to give the Heat problems.  Either Chicago or Indiana is going to give the Heat/Knicks a very big scare if not an elimination from this years playoffs.  Book it.
-Who are the Brooklyn Nets?  I have no idea.  Lopez looks like the second coming some nights.  Sell this teams chances.
-Danny Ferry should be dealing in Atlanta.  This team is finished.  For the love of god unload Josh Smith and get some pieces.  Can you imagine how infuriating it would be to coach Smith?  Loafers delight. 
-Not sure what to make of the Celtics run without Rondo.  Terry is put in better situations without Rondo around.  Pierce, of the old man’s game, has been a treat this year.  I expect they will fall back to earth.  If I was Ainge I would be dealing.  What’s the point of an #8 seed?  The roster is old it is time to rebuild.  The aged pieces have to be dealt.  Sad truth. 
-Dwight Howard is who we thought he was.  A goof with no heart. 
-The Lakers will make the playoffs despite the mess it’s been.  They have been playing better ball.  Earl Clark is gives them youth and athleticism something they sorely lack. 
-That was a youthful Kobe facial in Brooklyn. 
-Last nights Golden State/Houston game was fun.  Reminded me of Doug Moe ball. 
-Bogut is key for the Warriors.  If he gets back to form, watch out. 
-OKC and SAN are lonely at the top of the West as the rest have fallen.
-Kentucky is creeping back onto the scene behind the swatting of Nerlens. 
-Kind of wish a team would step up and dominate in NCAA ball but then I realize it will make for a remarkable tourney.
-Ohio State is bothersome.  Thomas has a limited game and I find it shocking that this chucker gets the praise he does.
-Love Oklahoma State.  Smart is a star and Nash reminds me of Metta World Peace. 
-New Final Four: Indiana, Oklahoma State, Butler, Kansas.  

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