Wednesday, 13 February 2013


-Nerlens Noel, the prize of the next NBA draft, went down with a torn ACL last night.  Forcing these guys to go to college for one year is looking more ridiculous as time spills on.  Nerlens probably leaves Kentucky next week and starts rehabbing once his surgery is done.  To stay qualified for his one year with the Wildcats Noel took maybe one class?  His draft stock might fall a little but he still will be a high lottery pick.
-Big Ten teams are hammering each other.  Michigan was the latest victim, getting walloped by Michigan State last night.  Indiana seems to have regained its position of dominance in the conference.
-I wonder if Miami can pull it off and produce in big games.  The conference and NCAA tournament are coming up.  The Hurricanes have never been to these heights before.  Be wary of the ledge. 
-Final Four- Indiana, Duke, Michigan State, Florida
-Rudy Gay is proving to be a closer, something the Raptors have sorely lacked over the last decade.  Sure the win was over a depleted Nuggets roster but a W is a W. 
-Amir Johnson has improved at a steady pace over the years and deserves due credit. 
-Indiana is a tough physical team.  That being said it was a pleasure seeing the Raptors match their physicality and pull out a win last Friday night.
-Tyler Hansborough is the dirtiest player in the league.  Lambeerish. 
-Lebron has been on an unreal record setting pace over the last six scoring 30 plus and shotting 60 percent plus over that span.  The shooting has been astounding and I am amazed that Wilt Chamberlain did not hold the record.  Seems like he should have had 30 in a row.
-Jordan/James comparisons keep popping up.  Not yet Lebron! 
-What a streak for the Celtics!  This team is either on fire or ice cold. 
-Golden State is crashing.  The heightened defensive effort we saw earlier in the year is gone.  Pretenders.
-Look for the Clips to start teasing us and entering the West race. 

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