Saturday, 2 March 2013

Ball Thoughts

-Big game tonight at Cameron as Duke takes on Miami.  Grudge match.  The Dukies were blown out in Miami.  Will Kelly lace them up for the Blue Devils?
-Gonzaga is not for real.                                            
-Georgetown may be the class of the Big East. Louisville is coming on strong. 
-My how NC State has fallen.  Bubble team?
-Look for a classic team Final Four: Indiana, Duke, Georgetown, and a non-classic team in Oklahoma State.  Marcus Smart is a fav of mine.

-Memphis and Indiana are hard teams to watch in the regular season.  Both teams are plodding and play great defense with above average rebounding.  The caveat is that everyone man’s up in the playoffs so look for these teams to underwhelm in the playoffs.
-Denver has a similar problem given it’s up tempo style of play.  Look for them to be eliminated early.
-Thinking the Lakers catch Houston and get the eighth seed in the West.  The Rockets are still too inexperienced with the exception of a still very young Harden. 
-Tony Parker is out four weeks with an ankle sprain.  I think the Spurs will keep it together and at worst lose a playoff seed in his absence.  They will need him ready to roll for the playoffs or they will be toast.
-Loved the Miami Heat Harlem Shake.  Costumes were amazing. 
-Rudy Gay has now been indoctrinated to the Toronto losing ways.  Welcome to Raptorland! 
-Valiciunas is an impressive rook.  Loves to bang.
-The Bradely Beal/John Wall backcourt has potential. 
-Doug Collins sealed his exit in Philly with some midweek diatribes to the media.  Young ears tire of his act after a few seasons.
-What happens with the hairdo freak?  Does Bynum stay in Philly? Do they want him after trading for a dude who is out all year?  Does he hit the open market and leave?  Guy seems to be a giant douche.  

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