Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Boom B Ball Time

  Love this time of year.  College Basketball is in full meltdown hysteria mode and the NBA Playoff picture is coming into focus.

-The Kevin Ware injury was horrific.  Never thought it was possible to do that on a court.  Ughh.  Football maybe but hoops no.  No one was prepared for that.  Wishing the kid a speedy recovery.
-Louisville might as well have had a home game considering that crowd in Indy.  Yes I am a bitter Duke fan.
-Onto the Jabari Parker era.
-Where is Maple Jordan aka Andrew Wiggins going to school next year?  I hope it's not Carolina.
-Louisville seems to be in steamroller mode.  Siva and Smith are forces of nature and Dieng covers the rim.
-Love the Shockers.  Wichita State has depth and boards.
-Louisville wins it.
-Michigan needs to solve the Syracuse zone.  Will Stauskas get open looks?  Will the zone neutralize McGary?
-Orange win behind swats from Keita and a big game from Fair.
-Louisville beats out the Orange in the title game.
-Alford at UCLA.  Good luck Steve.
-It's NBA Draft declaration season.  This class is weak and unpolished.  Bennett from UNLV seems raw but he has the skills.  It will be between the ears with him but he seems like a fine Canadian product.  The rest aside from Noel of Kentucky really don't register as NBA talents with me.  We will see.

-The streaks are over.  Both Miami and Denver lost last week.
-Would have been nice to see the Heat streak make it to San Antonio but instead we treated to sitting stars by the Alamo.
-Miami's streak was out of this world like Lebron.  Wow.  The Heat will not be challenged until the conference finals.  Indy or NY might have a chance to test them a bit.
-Rooting for a MIA/SA final.
-Clippers seem to be falling.  Just like last year's, is Del Negro the issue, end to the season?
-I think CP3 is a bit overrated.  A great player no doubt.  But top five in the league?  I'd rather have Irving, Rose, and Rondo when healthy.
-The race for #8 in the West is a dandy.  I can't imagine the Laker's will hold onto it given the year they've had.
-Utah has some depth but can Mo Williams be trusted late in games?
-The number 8 seed will go to the Mav's-  Dirk wants it as much as Kobe and he has a better roster around him by a hair.
-Loved typing that last one.  Go Celtics!

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