Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Dregs

Now we wait!  Yippee!  NCAA b-ball ended on Monday night with a great game between Michigan and Louisville.  The NBA season is winding down and literally crawling to the finish.  Hockey is doing the same.  Baseball has begun, yet it is too early to take seriously as of yet.  The Masters is on the weekend but unless Tiger is in it at the end it is well, golf.  During slow periods like this all we can do I reflect on what we’ve seen and look ahead to what might be in the world of sports. 
-There has to be more to the Rutgers story right.  Another firing?  Evidence of a coverup?   I trust ESPN will get to the bottom of this.  The Sandusky mess certainly fuelled the desire in reporters and consumers for such a story on big time college athletics.  There’s nothing like seeing the big fall. 
-College athletes need to be paid.  They make their schools millions, pay them. 
-Skip v. Luke!  Who saw that one coming in the national championship game?  Reminded me of the movie Hoosiers. 
-Tough to gauge who will have solid pro careers out of the top players in the Final Four.  Carter-Williams is a poor man’s Shaun Livingston.  McGary did it for a 10 game stretch but he would be insane to now got pro, next year’s draft is strong.  Burke and Dieng probably are safe bets to be solid rotation players.
-The NBA draft looks weak.  Wow.  No given talent in this one.  Smart and Noel are the only ones that stick out to me. 
-Do think the Shaq retirement jersey snafu was intentional?
-Melo is on fire! Can the Knicks do some damage in the playoffs?  Book it.  They will get to the conference finals.  Our expectations for a high quality tilt with the Heat will be at a fervor pitch.  Sadly, for us all the Knicks will be steamrolled.  Thus, letting all of America down. 
-Geez my Dallas #8 seed pick was way off.  Looks like the Lakers will get it as Utah has shown no heart over the past week.  I for one am disappointed.  Imagine Kobe’s comments should the Lakers miss the players.
-MWP to the surprise of everyone is back.  The guy is a warrior.  Or is he looking for employment next year? 
-Hockey!  Ovechkin is back.  Wondered a few weeks ago if he still elite, a flash in the pan? 
-Ottawa is fading fast.  Like the young talent though. 
-Will Crosby be back?  My guess is yes just in time for the playoffs wearing a cage. 
-Love the intensity of playoff hockey. Can’t wait!
-The Red Sox are off to a good start.  I can’t bring myself to judge or make any declarations yet about this team.  Except.  Farrell will help with Bucholtz and Lester. 
-Justin Upton MVP. 
-Does anyone care about NCAA spring football?  Not me. 

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