Monday, 10 December 2012

Week Fourteen

Important.  Big time games yesterday.  Mostly in the NFC East.

NFC East:  Things were looking very shaky yesterday for the Giants at around 4pm.  Dallas came back on Cincy and won on a late field goal.  It is incredible that the Boys are 7-6.  Solid win for the team in the wake of an emotional weekend with the loss of Jerry Brown, they played hard and didn’t blow the game.  I can’t believe this team is still in it.  Washington came back late and won versus the Raven’s.  RG3’s injury was gruesome.  Did you see that leg whip and then get crushed by the defender?  Somehow Kirk Cousins came in and got the job done, throwing for a last minute touchdown and getting the two point conversion to send the game into overtime.  RG3 is lucky to have only suffered a grade one knee sprain.  These two early game victories left the Giants with a must win situation against New Orleans at home.  The men in blue got it done late in blowing out the Saints.  David Wilson was a pleasant surprise on the ground and in the return game.  Bradshaw is oft injured and hobbling.  Could Wilson be both the long term and short term solution?  Manning was productive yet threw some lazy/troublesome picks.  The Giants maintained their one game lead in the division.   I think the Giants will win the division by default after a very inconsistent lackluster season. 

Atlanta is who we all thought they were.  Headed for the December swoon, losing to an awful Carolina team is inexcusable. 
Chicago is fading fast. 
Ditto for Tampa. 

San Francisco and Seattle are playing strong and appear to be the class of the conference at this point. 
Harbaugh going with Kapernick is a bold move.  The Niners should they have home field are in the drivers seat unless Russel Wilson pulls off a miracle.  It would seem the NFC Super Bowl representative will be one of these two or a Packers team that is quietly gaining momentum. 


Great matchup tonight as the Texans take on the Patriots in New England.  The class of the AFC?  Each team needs to make a statement tonight to solidify their claim to being the conference favorite.  I cannot wait for the overreaction tomorrow from the media.  The loser will be forgotten and the winner ordained.  Ought to be interesting. 

Denver seems to be the other AFC contender in addition to the two above mentioned teams.  Manning is on a roll and looks like himself again.  The defense is solid and Von Miller is a freak. 

Baltimore and Pittsburgh looked unsteady yesterday.  The Ravens axed their offensive coordinator today.  Joe Flacco is not a difference maker or a winner.  Rothlesberger is recovering on the field it seems.  Losing to the Chargers was brutal.  Both teams have playoff experience but they seem to be out of the title race given their rocky seasons. 

The Colts have been the true shocker all year long.  The emotional win for Chuck mentality has been a sight to behold.  If it were not for RG3, Luck would be getting much more attention.  Look at their record.  Unreal compared to last years.  Looks like the Colts will make the playoffs, have a very hyped matchup in Denver versus Manning, and bow out with inexperience.  

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