Thursday, 13 December 2012


Well then!  The Heat have been toppled a few times in the past two weeks.  Last night the Warriors topped them on a great last second feed from Jarret Jack to Draymond Green.  Green earlier in the game talked junk with Lebron.  All in all it was an entertaining battle.  The Warriors are on a roll, winning five in a row on the road, with a 15 and 7 overall record.  Bandwagon time. 
Golden State is a good team with depth in the wing position.  Thompson and Curry are elite players.  Coach Mark Jackson will have them playing a bit more defense than we are used to from the Warriors.  Inspired ball!  They should make the playoffs. 
Boston finally beat Dallas in two overtimes.  If Jeff Green can play at a high level consistently the Celtics perhaps regain some of last year’s form.  Avery Bradley is sorely missed on the defensive end and Paul Pierce seems to be fading into his twilight years.  Jason Terry seems to be finding his stride.
Brooklyn is fading without Brook Lopez.    
Miami hasn’t turned it on in the East.  Yet!  The Knicks seem to have passed Boston for the main contender to the Heat in the East.  Melo is in beast mode and looks like an MVP.  Even JR Smith is playing smart ball passing up the usual junk shots he would take in previous years.  Jason Kidd has been solid and has prolonged his career with his smarts and astonishing three point shooting.  It always helps to add something to your game. 

Out West the Clippers continue to roll.  Their bench is simply astonishing.  Eric Bledsoe is an athletic freak.  I don’t remember noticing his athleticism at Kentucky.  Lamar Odom is losing the weight and might be a factor later in the year. 
Lakerland is swirling.  With disgust.  How are they losing these games to mediocre teams?  Lack of effort and atrocious defense are the main issues.  Kobe is already steaming.  Thing is they are already going to be way off the leaders by the new year when everyone is back.  Los Angeles is looking at the number 5 seed as being their ceiling this year.  Onto next year boys. 
Kevin Love is voicing his displeasure with Minnesota management.  Why now?  I have no clue, Rubio is back this week, and then things might start rolling.  Love feels punked and I get it if what he says happened is correct but Kevin needs to handle himself with some class.  Rise above or Minny fans will turn on you. 

The Raptors are now 4-19.  I was hoping for a 10-13 start and a shot at the playoffs.  Barnagni thankfully is hurt.  Just amnesty him already.  The Bargs injury gives Ed Davis a chance to showcase his talents.  So far he has looked pretty good.  Terrence Ross looks like a super dunker, wow, two nice ones last night versus the Brooklyn.  Ross needs to mature and redevelop confidence in his shot.  Valanciunas looks like a legitimate center.  Time to develop the kids.  Hopefully the Raptors start to trade the older players on the roster.  Colangelo is an ass, blaming the Raps problems on focus and not talent, trying to save his job.  Raptorland is burning, this would have been the perfect year with no NHL to capture Toronto’s and Canada’s attention.  But no the chiefs are still in place.  Time to tear it up MLSE. 

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