Monday, 31 December 2012


The LA Clippers have now run off 17 wins in row.  What a breathtaking streak!  The streak has been fuelled by the bench.  Jamal Crawford appears headed for the 6th man award, and makes the ridiculous crossover and step back three seem commonplace.  Eric Bledsoe, although a bit out of control of late, has quicks and is a defensive force.  Lamar Odom is coming into shape literally.  Odom is key for the Clips, they will need his late game prescience given Griffin’s and Jordan’s free throw woes.  How does an NBA player not keep in shape?  I don’t get Odom.  Barnes and Cutler are interchangeable and capable of big games now and again.  CP3 is having an MVP type season as expected. 
LA’s other team is flashy and fun to watch. They remind me of UNLV back in the day in NCAA early 90’s hoops. Are they better than OKC?  Standing wise at the moment, maybe, but I have my doubts as the season progresses.  San Antonio always goes on a streak.  Sure Memphis has fallen off, but they still are lurking.  At some point Vinny Del Negro will blow it and piss off some of his players. The number 2 seed in the West is attainable for sure.  Long term in the playoffs can the flashy roster succeed with two bigs who can’t play in crunch time?  Let’s not get overexcited and think the Clippers are title contenders.

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