Monday, 31 December 2012

We Talking Playoff's

AFC Wild Card

CIncy at Houston

Houston, we have a problem?  The Texans have gone from top spot in the AFC most of the year to a wild card berth.  The Texans have been underwhelming the last few weeks.  They don’t seem to have the heart to advance far in the playoffs.  Matt Schaub was hurt in last year’s playoffs limiting their chances.  It’s time for the quarterback to lead the team and dispel the recent naysayers. 
Bengal nation must be excited by a playoff game.  It’s been awhile.  Dalton and AJ Green are young talents.  The Bengals have had a good run but it ends here.  Too inexperienced, the bright lights will get to them. 
Look for Arian Foster along with a few big catches from Andre Johnson to lead the way as Houston wins by ten 

Indy at Balt

Has there been a better story that the Colts and Chuck Pagnano this year.  From two wins a season ago, behind a rookie quarterback and rookie/sick coach Indy has amazed all year.  Luck has been solid and is one of three rookie quarterbacks in the playoffs.  The youth movement this year in the NFL has been fun to watch. 
Baltimore behind the middling Joe Flacco has not lived up to expectations this year.  Ray Rice must have a huge game for the Ravens to win at home behind an aging defense.   
Look for this to be an ugly low scoring game Baltimore wins by four points. 

NFC Wild Card

Minn at GB

Minnesota won yesterday’s battle behind the league MVP, Adrian Peterson, and a raucous home crowd.  Peterson deserves the MVP over Manning for one reason: although both had horrible injuries to overcome Peterson’s was near record setting.  And without Harvin AP has no talent behind him.  There is no passing game in MInny, Ponder is young and unimpressive. 
The Packers have somehow remained in the mix all year.  I counted them out at the beginning of the year.  Rodgers keeps rolling along.  If the defense could ever perform at a high level a long playoff run would be possible. 
Minny will fall behind early, Ponder will throw a pick six early.  Over by halftime Packers win big. 

Sea at Wash

The Redskins have won seven in a row.  Last night Alfred Morris ran roughshod over the Cowboys giving its first division title in 13 years and a playoff berth.  RG3 still seems a bit hobbled by the knee but got the job done.  Have to credit the Shanahan coaching family tree for adjusting to the young offensive talent and putting formations in that utilize the talent of RG3.
Seahawk nation is led by Russel Wilson another rook qb.  Like the Skins the Hawks have had a shocking season.  Their defensive is explosive and Marshawn Lynch is a beast. 
This game should be a classic!  Almost too hard to pick.  The turnover battle will be won by Seattle going away and the Seattle will win by 3.   

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