Monday, 10 December 2012

Pigskin Dreaming


Can’t wait for the BCS championship game, it will be exciting to see two storied programs face of in Miami.  Alabama has the experience and depth of talent.  Will the luck continue to carry Notre Dame?  The Irish defense should be able to contain Lacy and Yeldon.  The concern is the young secondary.  Yet Bama doesn’t seem to have great playmakers at receiver.  The game will come down to McCarron against Golston.  Who will make more plays? 

The Heisman went to the freshman wunderkid Johnny Football.  I would have loved to see Teo win it but at least he was a finalist after a special season.  What interests me more is where does Manzell’s career go from here?  Is it headed to Tebow territory?  Does the success go to his head and does he flame out? 


The squad went on a five game win streak to sneak into the #4 spot in the playoffs.  Exciting times.  We will lose this week but it looks like the margin of defeat will not leave us out of contention.  Gotta love the two week matchups.  A surprising run given the injuries: Gronk and MJD.  This upcoming week will be tough given the health issues surrounding RG3 and Bradshaw.  Keep hope alive! 

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