Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Two Things

1.  The Marlins are shipping all their contracts  (Reyes, Johhnson, Buerhle)  and value players to the Blue Jays for prospects.  Ten cents on the dollar.  Incredible, a year after being big spenders and opening a new ballpark Miami has gutted the franchise.  What a difference a year makes!  Jeffrey Loira is up to this old tricks again.  Long live baseball in Montreal right.  A brilliantly evil business mind has screwed over the populace of South Florida.  Toronto with Johnson and Buerhle in the rotation and Reyes in the lineup becomes a contender in the AL East.  Boston and New York are on the downswing.  Love the Jays young GM for this one.  

2.  Royce White of anxiety disorder fame is at odds with the Houston Rockets.  White, who hasn't played this season, has been a no show at recent games and practices.  Awaiting White is a stint in the NBDL.  Both sides are at odds over his treatment?  It seemed as though the Rockets were willing to adapt to him, yet both sides are sniping back and forth.  This has become a perplexing saga.  Who is at fault and is the relationship between the two parties nearing an end?  Royce never missed a game at Iowa State despite his mental illness.  He is a top tier talent and it is a shame to see these issues affecting his career.  His illness is most prevalent at times of change and beginning an NBA career certainly qualifies.  I hope it works out for Royce in the end.  

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