Sunday, 18 November 2012


Yesterday was supposed to be a quiet day in college football.  That all changed at about 11:30pm.  WOWZA!  Don't think many saw this coming.  Both numbers 1 and 2 lost.  Baylor downed Kansas State and Stanford topped Oregon.  Who needs RG3 or Luck?  Their replacements led impressive upsets of the top teams.  The Stanford D help up against a bumbling all flash Ducks offense.  The Bears steamrolled Colin Klein putting up 52 on the vaunted QB and defense.
So the BCS will change at the top.  My Golden Domer's will claim the top spot.  Notre Dame needs to win against USC, who looked horrendous in losing to UCLA, to advance to Miami for the championship game.  What a year for the Irish.  That is it.  I will no longer jinx the run.
The unfortunate part of yesterdays losses is the SEC teams now move up.  Alabama and Georgia move to 2 and 3 in all likelihood.  The winner of Alabama/Georgia reserves the other place in Miami.  Got it?  Hmm.  Not really.  I can't believe the SEC is back in it.  The BCS seems to disqualify whoever lost last.
Imagine if everyone has 1 loss come selection time for the Championship.  The Sec one loss team will make it versus Oregon or Kansas State.  Let's hope it that never happens!
At least Brian Kelly doesn't have to go one Oprah to espouse the merits of Notre Dame.  Destiny is in their hands!

The NFL became the injured quarterback league last week.  The Steelers looked strong, then Rothlesberger goes down with a rib that might puncture a aorta.  Yikes.  Cutler, Smith, and Vick are all on the sidelines.
Atlanta took the loss last week and appears headed for a carbon copy season.  Regular season success and failure in the playoffs.
New England is fixless in Foxborough.  Closing and the secondary are still issues.  Will Talib have an impact at CB?
Will the Giants recover next week after a bye?
Houston and Chicago both appear to be favorites at this point in the AFC and NFC.
I am interested to see how Denver looks on defense.
What team or teams will make a late season run into playoff or title contention?  Tampa?  Indy?  Dallas?
Finding out should be a pleasure and the push to January starts today.

FYI, Team Gagan is making a playoff push in fantasy football.  Won two in a row to move to 5-5.  Looks like I will need to win out (next 3) to make it.  Very happy Bradshaw and Nicks are on the bye this week.  Luck or RG3 is an issue.  Going with RG3 after a bye, healthy and refocused?  Team Gagan appears to be heavily favored today.  Lets keep it rolling team!

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