Monday, 12 November 2012

D'antoni and the week that was

Today the Lakers found their new coach.  Mike D'antoni.  The move shocked the world as something seemed to be worked out with the Zen master.  In the end it appears that Phil Jackson wanted to much power within the organization for the liking of the Buss son who runs the Lakers at this point.  So now what? By all appearances the move should benefit Kobe, who has a man crush on D'antoni, and the rest of the stars.  Nash, when he returns, should benefit.  Howard is excellent in the pick and roll system.  Gasol should be able to pick and pop.  Dwight and Nash should definitely flourish.  The uptempo system fits the LA persona as well.  Meeks and Jamison will be key of the bench, they must produce.  We will see.  Lots of pundits have downplayed D'antoni's image as a poor defensive coach.  In the end the playoffs will tell the story with this move.  Defense wins titles.

Week Two

Western Conference

Memphis:  Off to a great start.  Zach Randolph is already piling up the double doubles.   Routed the Heat last night.
Utah:  Impressed with the frontcourt depth: Favors, Milsap, Jefferson, and Kanter.  Look for one of these guys to be traded as Mo Williams at the point looks messy.
Clippers: Keep on rollin.  CP3 is the best point in the league.
Houston:  Harden has fallen back to earth and has too much of the create for everyone problem on his shoulders.  Linsanity appears to be a 26 game NY thing.

Eastern Conference

Knicks:  I am shocked at this.  Wow!  Melo has been a hustler diving into the stands for balls.  JR Smith has played within himself.  The retirement home bench players have produced.  The Knicks should fall back to earth and what happens when Stoudemire comes back and wants touches.  Bad chemistry coming.
Celtics:  Mmm.  Very uneven play.  The big three have done well but the bench hasn't come into form.
Sixers:  Another shocker.  Hanging in there without Bynum.
Pacers:  Granger out three months.  Hill has been great at the point.  Playoffs?  No
Chicago:  Keeping pace as predicted.
Miami:  Can't believe they have two losses.  From what I've seen they look unbeatable when they share the ball and plug in on the defense.
Toronto:  Lowry, how we've missed ya.  Saturdays 7-32 second quarter was the worst pro ball I've ever seen.  The passive shoot first play from Bargnai hinders this team.  Derozean has impressed yet still is a bit uneven.  Valenciunas is a keeper.  Half of the roster belongs overseas.  Fire the GM.

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