Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Full NBA Slate Tonight

Beyond hoping to catch up and overtake in fantasy, tonight should be interesting.  There is an astounding 14 games tonight.  Let's break em down.

Tor/Cha= The Bobcats have a mind boggling 5 wins.  Are Kemba and the Cats a mirage?  Toronto has been brutal this year, leading games early, and finding ways to lose.  Lowry is back.  Will this have an effect and when should Bargnani, Casey or Colangelo be shown the door?

Det/Orl= Yawn

Phi/Cle= Kyrie is hurt, a big blow to the franchise. Can Waiters step up?  The Sixers are winning behind the coaching savy  of Collins and all-star play from Holliday.

Ind/No= Are the Pacers really this bad?  Has Hibbert decided to check in?  Davis has been brilliant but seems a bit injury prone.

Sa/Bos=  Great matchup.  The Spurs keep trucking.  Can the Celts put it together in a showcase game?

Wash/Atl=  How bad can the Wiz be?  Josh Smith needs to turn it on.

Mil/Mian=  Wow, the Bucks are 6-3.  Small chuckers delight!  Miami matches well.

Lac/Okc=  Game of the night.  Seems Clips are up and coming and the Thunder have lost their luster.

Chi/Hou=  Middling teams.

Den/Min=  The Nugs haven't met expectations thus far.  The Wolves have hung in without their stars.

Ny/Dal=  The Knicks are still winning.  When will they return to earth?

Por/Pho=  The Blazers might contend for a the 8th seed in the west.  Phoenix is Nashless.

Lal/Sac=  Game two for D'antoni and the Lakers are piling on the wins after an atrocious start.  When do the Kings blow it up?  Again?

Bro/Gs=  Curry!  Swollen ankles!  Hope the Nets start losing games.

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