Sunday, 11 November 2012

SEC curse broken?

I hope so. Please. Please. Please, two of the three major, either Notre Dame, Kansas State or Oregon remain unbeaten.  I am so tired of the SEC bias by the CFB world.  If a one loss SEC team makes the championship game I will lose it.
Bama fell.  Woot!  Johnny "football" Manzell led the Aggies past the Tide.  This leads me to believe that even had the Tide remained unbeaten given the similar styles of play Oregon would have beaten Alabama in a possible title game. Saban would have had a month to prepare though.  Well hopefully we wont have to answer that one.
Some big games on the horizon.  Notre Dame v USC.  Oregon and K State must finish up the regular season and then win conference championship games to remain unbeaten.
Things just got wonderful iin college footballl land.

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