Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Week Three Aftermath: Too Early For Conclusions?

Last weekends NFL slate gave all of us some shocks.  Mind numbing WTF moments.  Colts over Niners and Fins over Falcons were the headliners.  Now it is time to jump off the cliff of reason and come up with some conclusions that are sure to be proved dubious as the season unfolds.  Screw it i'll just give some pinions.


Denver: dominant so far, should have the conference lead wrapped up by mid November

Miami:  are these guys for real?  Tannehill! Really!

New England:  this has been exhausting being at Pats fan, a brutal 3 and 0,  Is chemistry developing between Brady and the no-name receivers corps?  I think Brady has shown Cutleresque body language and his shine is gone,  Belichek's hubris in regards to personnel decisions have also become a concern- no veteran options at WR,  as  always I will shout and turn on them every second play this Sunday evening, GO PATS

Kansas City:  looking good but for the love of god use Bowe more he's on my fantasy team

Pittsburgh: wow the era is over

Indy: dreams as big as Irsay's ego


San Francisco:  Aldon Smith should not have suited up on Sunday.  Maybe karma got them for that move last weekend.  Kapernick has looked below average.  Sign a receiver?  Looks like it all is coming apart by the bay.

NY Giants:  this hurts, the season is over.  No lines or backs.

Washington:  another awful situation.  why did 3 rush back?  Will he ever be the same?  Anyone can pile up yardage in garbage time! It's over!

Green Bay, Atlanta:  Both will be back in the playoff hunt.  Rodgers is no longer the wunderkind quarterback.  Just don't ask me who is.

Seattle:  see Denver

NOTES:  I enjoy all the scoring, the passing offences, etc, but the rushing totals need to be back on par.  Balanced offence is more entertaining.  Look at the totals thus far from the leading running backs.  Unreal.  The fantasy pundits big boards had backs atop the charts for the drafts.  Kinda weird that no one else has noticed the trend thus far?  Maybe the year always starts this way.  Gotta run the ball in cold climes later in the season  guess.

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