Sunday, 29 September 2013

Team Speed

Finally CFB had something to offer.  Heading into October the matches gain steam as the pretenders fall to the wayside and the contenders re-introduce themselves after a stretch of powder puff scheduling that only Lane Kiffn would enjoy.  To soon!  The mighty Lane was axed early Sunday morning hours after the Trojans fell to Wazzu.  How he got any of his past jobs on limited to no success is beyond me.  Doing little with more is now his calling card.  Will be interesting to see where he lands?  Get ready for months of the USC will hire so and so rumors for the next four months.  A big name will take over in Tinseltown, we will have to wait until the season is over to find out who.
Notre Dame was plagued by some early turnovers en route to losing at home to Oklahoma by two touchdowns.  More of the same with the Rees era.  Ugh!  Everything isn't on Tommy but Golston right about now would be a pleasure.  F-ing academics.  The game really was all about the team speed on both sides of the ball by Oklahoma.  Sooner defense hawked the ball showing unreal flash in pursuit.  Oklahoma backs showed burst in gaining the edge.  Could the Sooners be back on the national stage after being overhyped for years?
Georgia versus LSU was a shootout.  Looked Mountain Westish.  Welcome to the SEC aerial years.  Frankly, I am enthralled and disappointed at the same time.  Quarterback play was top notch.  Murray and Mecklenberg each elevated their play in Athens.  Yet I still yearned for the old smash mouth 23-19 SEC era.  In the end the homer Dawgs took the game before a sea of red.  Each team now has one loss.
Oklahoma State is done after losing in Morgantown.  Yuck.  Tired of them anyways.
Alabama, Ohio State, Stanford, and Oregon each won and remain atop the polls.  They seem to be the contenders this year.  Oregon and Stanford will play eachother knocking one out of title contention.  Ohio State looks like it will breeze though the BIG 10.  Leaving in all likelihood three undefeated's at the end of the season.  The Oregon/Stanford winner should get a shot at Alabama for the National Title due to stronger conference play.
All right hopefully the above paragraph reverse jinxed it all, and chaos will ensue through the rest of the season.  I am so tired of the inevitability of CFB.  PARITY PLEASE

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