Saturday, 21 September 2013


Well, this weekend in college football is a ....?  A stinker.  Ughhh!  Little of relevance today on college campuses throughout the US.  The big programs are paying lesser rans hundreds of thousands of dollars to quash them, padding their win totals, and us the viewing public are supposed to accept the blowout pageantry that is early season football.  Yikes.  Oh well guess its Alabama versus the field anyways.

One good game could be Arizona State versus Stanford.  The Cardinal have a high ranking, have played no one as of yet, and feature a running back (Gaffney) who took a year off to pursue baseball dreams.  Is he or Stanford the real deal?  We will find out tonight.   Are the Sun Devils ready to climb the ladder and enter the national focus or will they shoot themselves in the foot as they have in the past?  Will Oregon be challenged tonight?  Answers please.

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